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Dog in classroom

WHS Education Corner: A New Year of Kid Camps

It all starts with Education.

People will care much more about something if they understand it. Understanding and caring for animals is what we try to pass on to all students we meet, be it a Kindergarten group having their first interaction with an animal, or a high school group that we are discussing farming with. The more people know, the better.

The WHS Kid Camps are an amazing opportunity for the next generation of humane leaders to learn all about animals. How often do children get to spend a whole week, immersed in an animal themed environment?

It’s fantastic & rewarding to be able to see our campers grow over the course of a week. We see the campers who are shy, timid or scared around dogs petting the biggest dog by the end of the week. We see campers who haven’t had the opportunity to interact with puppies before being able to play with a young, energetic little pup. We get to see the looks of surprise and delight when some of our guest presenters come in to the camp bringing with them bees, ferrets, owls and many other animals that children might not have been exposed to before. In between all the animal interactions are more typical camp activities, we craft, paint, play games, we have fun, and most importantly it’s educational. After all, that’s why the campers come! The campers can learn how to be safe around animals and to understand their body language. They learn why we Spay & Neuter the animals in our care and why population control is so important. They learn about what responsible pet care looks like and how building relationships with animals is so important, not only for the animals, but also for us.

We love running our Spring Break & Summer Camps and we believe strongly that one of the most important ways to protect our animals is to educate the next generation of humane leaders.

Spring Break Camp 2019 is running Monday, March 25 to Friday, March 29 and is limited to 50 spaces, so be sure to register today!

Note: Summer Camp will be starting on Monday, July 8 and will run every week until Friday, August 30.