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Spay and Neuter

**UPDATED November 2nd, 2020: Due to the uncertain nature of the Code Red in Winnipeg and the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Manitoba, we are planning to proceed with caution to keep our clients and staff safe. We will not be booking new spay and neuter surgical appointments until further notice. People who have already received an appointment time should expect to continue with their scheduled appointment time, unless otherwise notified. We are keeping a close eye on the progress of Code Red and following the recommendations of the Government of Manitoba and the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association. We appreciate your understanding during this time.**

The Winnipeg Humane Society is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets in our community. Providing an affordable spay and neuter option to all Manitobans is part of our plan.

What it means to spay or neuter your cat

Spay means to surgically remove the ovaries of a female animal and neuter means to castrate a male animal, thereby making it impossible for them to reproduce. This process is sometimes referred to as “fixing” or “sterilizing” as well. It is a very safe, common procedure and vital to controlling the animal population in our community.

Based on currently available scientific information, the Winnipeg Humane Society strongly supports spaying and neutering pets as an effective means to reduce unwanted litters and overall shelter intake. In particular, the WHS supports voluntary, affordable, accessible spay/neuter programs for owned pets, Trap-Neuter-Return programs for feral cats, and the mandatory sterilization of shelter animals (including any dogs or cats that are adopted from our pet store partners).

Where you can go

We recommend you seek out a local veterinarian to fix your cat. It is a good way to establish a relationship with a doctor who will be very important in your animal’s life. Veterinarians can be found in the phone book or online. The cost is reasonable, and it will pay off in the long run. If you absolutely cannot afford to see a veterinarian, you can email our Subsidized Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) at: to see if you quality.

The Winnipeg Humane Society is the City of Winnipeg Animal Service Agency’s service provider for cats in our community. The services include:

  • Stray cats in Winnipeg
  • Low cost spay & neuter program
  • Emergency pick-up

Subsidized Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)

Low income families can apply for the SNAP program to get their cat spayed or neutered for a discounted rate.

There are many ways to qualify, so e-mail: to see if you do. You will be required to provide proof of household income (most current income tax information for all occupants) or proof of social assistance in order to participate in SNAP.

We recommend that your pet be spayed/neutered any time after the age of four months and ideally before the first heat.

Subsidized spay and neuter surgeries are also available for dogs and rabbits, and for pets living outside of Winnipeg.  Participants in this program may qualify according to their household income.

SNAP Fees:
Dog spay: $100
Dog neuter: $75
Dog cryptorchid: $100
Cat spay: $10 – 50
Cat neuter: $10 – 45
Cat cryptorchid: $50
Rabbit spay: $100
Rabbit neuter: $70
Dog vaccine (DA2PPV): $10
Rabies vaccine: $10
Cat vaccine (FCRVP): $10

If needed, a subsidy vaccination will be administered at the time of surgery.

The SNAP program is partially supported by the City of Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Humane Society has also partnered with local rescues to provide low cost or subsidized spay & neuters.


We Are Here for the Animals. We Are Here for You.

“We Are Here For The Animals. We Are Here For You.” is a joint community outreach program facilitated through Jessica Thompson, the Winnipeg Humane Society, and Winnipeg Animals Services. This community outreach spay and neuter program addresses cat overpopulation in Winnipeg’s most impacted areas by offering surgeries for $10, including transportation.

Please note that this program applies to cats only and is available only to residents of the City of Winnipeg.

Thanks to Winnipeg Animal Services and City Cat Licensing creating the FixIt Grant, the program can focus on ensuring that more cats are receiving necessary spay and neuter surgeries that may be missed by other programs.

Together we work to ensure cats of low-income families who cannot afford even the most minimal fees, are spayed and neutered. We also provide transportation services to and from the WHS Clinic thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers. The program’s incentive is community involvement, Jessica and her team work out of their cat outreach centre at 1051 Main St., providing the option to not only spay and neuter at low cost through the WHS Clinic, but also providing educational resources to cat owners who need the support.

The aim is to build a bridge of trust between the citizens of Winnipeg who need us the most and the WHS, moving our city towards healthier cats. Healthy cats mean a healthy community.

Jessica’s team also routinely hosts cat Spay and Neuter events at local clinics on Sundays when veterinarians, RVT’s and other veterinary professionals volunteer their time and skills to fix low income owned and feral cats.

For more information on the We Are Here for the Animals. We Are Here for You. program, you can contact Jessica through Facebook, by phone (204) 421-7297 or by email at




Spay and Neuter Myths

Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR)