CEO Blog: Bow Wow Ball and the Plant-Based Challenge | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Javier speaks at the 2017 Bow Wow Ball

It is not every day that your workplace turns 125 years old, and most definitively not every day you hear that your biggest fundraising event of the season is sold out…

Thanks to you we have achieved both!

Our 26th Bow Wow Ball, this year celebrating the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) 125 birthday is sold out. If you are lucky enough to have tickets to the event, be ready for a night you won’t forget.

Reaching such a milestone could not be possible without the ongoing support of you, our community. We are committed today as much as we were 125 years ago to give a voice to all animals. We are committed more than ever to helping all animals, no matter if they are in our shelter, in homes, on farms or in the wild. All deserve compassion, respect, and love.

As an animal welfare organization, we also support consuming humanely raised and certified meat, and that is why our meat option has the proper certification ensuring that animals were able to express all their natural behaviours, had access to the outdoors and were humanely transported and processed. However, as uncomfortable as this is for some of us, there is a bit more we could do: eat less meat. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recently published a study indicating that raising meat generates 14.5% of global greenhouse-gas emissions. Plus, the ultimate no-harm approach to animal welfare is to consume a lot less of them.

This year we have created the plant-based challenge: Chef Tim Palmer developed a gourmet plant-based main course and anyone choosing to try it will automatically enter a draw to win $1,000! It pays to be kind to the animals, to the environment and to our bodies. As someone who still consumes meat, the intriguing gourmet plant-base course plus the awesome cash prize made me switch allegiances and I will be indulging in whatever surprise Chef Palmer has in store for us. I hope many of our guests will also give it a try!

On top of this new initiative, our amazing Donor Relations team has prepared the best lineup of prizes ever, and there will be many opportunities to help animals in need. Because while it is great to celebrate and have a grand time, we do all this to support your Winnipeg Humane Society, its mission and the rescue work we do every day.

The Bow Wow Ball 125th Anniversary Party will be held October 26 with cocktails starting at 6pm and dinner promptly at 7pm. We will keep our speeches short (I promise!) and we will focus on the animals, their needs and why they deserve to live a life of dignity, safety and a new chance to find that perfect home.

See you there, if you scored tickets. And if not, please consider a monetary donation, do a WHS Birthday Party of your own, or join our celebration by volunteering your time and talents with us. You won’t be disappointed.

In service,

Javier Schwersensky