1001 Donations: Cathy’s Story

1001 Donations: Cathy’s Story Cathy was fighting for her life against the harsh winter we all experienced this year. She came to the WHS three weeks ago suffering from some of the worst frostbite we’ve ever seen all over her tiny body. She has frostbite damage on her feet, tummy, tail and back. The skin on her back is hard, dead, and peeling off. Most of her tail was dead and needed to be amputated. Cathy was immediately given strong medication to relieve her pain when she arrived. Her back feet suffered the most severe frostbite damage needing immediate attention. … Continued

1001 Donations: Gracie’s Story

1001 Donations: Gracie’s Story Gracie came to the WHS depressed and in very poor health. Her skin was saggy because she was severely underweight. You could count every vertebra down her back and see her hip and rib bones. She had demodex (tiny mites) causing skin infections, itchiness, odor, and hair loss. Gracie also couldn’t see. Gracie had “Double Cherry Eye” where the glands of her third eyelids were popped out blocking her vision. Because of this she had trouble walking around. WHS Veterinarian Dr. Youngs performed three surgeries to fix Gracie’s eyes, but each failed. The repair wouldn’t hold and … Continued

Behind the Scenes with our Investigations/Emergency Response Team

Behind the Scenes with our Investigations/Emergency Response Team This year, the Investigations/ Emergency Response (I/ER) department is hoping to shed more light on what it is that the department does. The I/ER team focuses on educating the public, protecting animals, and ensuring that they are receiving the proper care/ treatment that they need. The team consists of dispatchers, Emergency Responders and Animal Protection Officers. Dispatchers appropriately triage the calls that come through both the Emergency Line and Animal Welfare Line. Emergency Responders respond to a variety of emergencies, such as animals who have been hit by cars, and assist Animal … Continued

A Warning about Essential Oils and Your Pet

A Warning about Essential Oils and Your Pet In the past few months, the Investigations/Emergency Response (I/ER) department has seen an increase of people using holistic and home remedies on their animals; such as coconut oil, essential oils, mineral oils, etc. While people may have the best intentions, they often are causing more harm than good. Essential oils can cause chemical burn, irritation and itchiness when applied to an animal’s fur – and if ingested, it could lead to toxicity. Some animals are far more sensitive to essential oils than others due to their respiratory systems or because of grooming … Continued

1001 Donations: Anastasia’s Story

1001 Donations: Anastasia’s Story Anastasia was found in very rough shape and brought to the Winnipeg Humane Society. She had frostbitten ears and suffered trauma to her face. Her lower lip was torn and hanging off her jaw. She also had six broken teeth. It is clear Anastasia pushed through pain to survive on her own until she was rescued. Anastasia received immediate medical attention from WHS clinic staff to relieve her pain. WHS veterinarian Dr. Johnston performed surgeries to repair Anastasia’s lip and remove her broken teeth. After her surgeries, Anastasia went to live with a WHS foster family for two weeks … Continued

CEO Blog: Don’t chase the money: live your values instead

CEO Blog: Don’t chase the money: live your values instead At the Winnipeg Humane Society, our bottom line is about being transparent, staying true to our stated goals, and trusting that we can find the right individuals and companies who will support us. They do this because they believe in the cause we espouse and the value we provide to the community. Organizations, especially those of us which are non-profit, dedicate our existence to fulfill a vision and a mission; to do good in this world and to make a positive difference. When someone, be it a person or a … Continued

1001 Donations: Valentina’s scar is her reminder…

1001 Donations: Valentina’s scar is her reminder… Valentina was living as a stray on her own in a remote community. She was doing anything she could to survive the harsh winter. She was living in extreme pain – suffering from severe burns on her back. As a human, you may have experienced even the smallest of burns and know how painful and irritating the burning sensation can be without treatment. Valentina survived a week injured and in pain before arriving at the Winnipeg Humane Society for help. WHS clinic staff immediately cared for Valentina’s burns to relieve her pain. Most of … Continued

WHS Education Corner: Raising Smart Future Pet Owners

WHS Education Corner: Raising Smart Future Pet Owners By: Richard Milbourne, Assistant Manager in Education Who doesn’t love a kitten? They’re small, cute, curious, mischievous and adorable. There is never any difficulty in finding a home for a kitten that comes into the shelter. Seeing a pile of kittens snuggling together or playing makes them an easy sell. However, when going into schools, it is vital to address the topic of animal overpopulation. It’s easy to find a home for one or two kittens; Less so for 25 kittens. This is why discussing animal overpopulation and Spay/Neuter surgery with students is … Continued

CEO Blog: 1001 Reasons to believe in the power of compassion

CEO Blog: 1001 Reasons to believe in the power of compassion “Hi Javier, it’s Gina. We have another severe case of frostbite and exposed fracture… it just arrived at the clinic. We can save the cat, but it will cost us close to a thousand dollars and I know our budget is maxed out…” “Javier, it is Katie, we are trying to rescue over 40 dogs currently freezing in a remote Manitoba Community… Can the WHS help us out?” “Hello, please help me. I found a stray cat badly injured. I can foster if you guys can help me save … Continued

January Volunteer Profile: Don Bowles

January MVP: Don Bowles A retired social worker, Don Bowles’ background has made him a perfect fit for volunteering in pet loss and grief counseling at the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS). “I do a number of roles here but it’s mainly the pet loss grief and Dog Enrichment work,” he explained. “In my three years here I’ve also assisted in obedience training and Cans for Critters, among other things.” Giving back through volunteering is very important to Don in his retirement years. In addition to the WHS, he has several other volunteer positions – both in Winnipeg and at the … Continued