Action Alert! Tell the Manitoba Government That Exposing Animal Cruelty is Not A Crime

ACTION ALERT: Across Canada, Provincial governments are enacting legislation that under the guise of protecting rural property and enhancing biosecurity, target the ability of whistleblowers and animal welfare groups to hold industry accountable. Such legislation punishes those who make public the cruel and inhumane treatment of farm animals in large-scale, industrial farms, as well as transportation and slaughter facilities. The Government of Manitoba is now proposing amendments to both the provincial Animal Diseases Act and Petty Trespasses Act, and we are urging our friends and supporters to participate in the public consultation process to make sure animal welfare and the … Continued

August 2020 MVP: Katherine Rudge

When Katherine Rudge began training her puppy Jazz in 2014, it became a bonding experience and a learning experience for both of them. One that has led to both of them volunteering for the Winnipeg Humane Society. Before COVID-19 put most things on hold, Katherine and Jazz, a Lab-German Shorthair Pointer mix, made weekly visits to Riverwood Square, a seniors facility offering both assisted living and supportive housing. “We work mostly on the Memory Care side with people with Alzheimer’s,” Katherine explained. “Before COVID-19, we’d go once a week and just visit with people for a couple of hours. The … Continued

The Winnipeg Humane Society President and CEO to Depart

It is with many mixed emotions we announce the upcoming departure of our Winnipeg Humane Society CEO Javier Schwersensky. Since his arrival to the organization five years ago, Schwersensky’s leadership of the WHS ship has been nothing short of transformational. Although a well-respected organization with a storied history as one of Manitoba’s oldest charities, the WHS was looking to expand their reach and help even more animals within our community. Schwersensky’s intuitive leadership led the WHS towards an ambitious goal of expanding beyond the shelter doors to help animals both in our care and in the community –  providing critical … Continued

Treasure Box Fundraiser Supports Both WHS and Local Businesses

The Winnipeg Humane Society is excited to announce The WHS Treasure Box – A collection of local delights in support of your Winnipeg Humane Society!    Due to Covid-19, the Winnipeg Humane Society is unable to host many of our annual fundraising events this year. We are thrilled to introduce to you this alternative fundraiser that not only supports your Winnipeg Humane Society, but also Manitoba-owned businesses.    At the WHS, we recognize that local businesses need our help right now. We wanted to support them and raise the funds we need to care for 10,000 animals annually. These exclusive boxes feature $300 … Continued

WHS Kid Camper Lucille comes out of her shell.

WHS Education Corner: Running a Summer Camp During a Pandemic

Day camps here at the Winnipeg Humane Society have always been a favourite. Campers have enjoyed everything from the crafts, games & activities, meeting some of our amazing shelter animals, to special guest presenters.The ever-changing circumstances with the current global pandemic have proven that running a day camp can be difficult. We wanted to share our experience. In past years, campers were even able to get a tour of the shelter and see a spay and neuter surgery. Due to the pandemic, we had to rethink the ways in which we used to run things. When planning our kid camps, … Continued

Prevention Best Protection Against This Deadly Cat Disease

This week, our WHS Investigations and Emergency Response Department have noticed an influx of calls regarding cats and kittens becoming ill with a disease called panleukopenia (more commonly known as cat distemper, panleuk, or ‘cat parvo’). The team is hoping to educate the public about this fatal disease and encourage the idea that prevention is the best protection. Panleuk is an infection that targets the gastrointestinal tract and can cause the white blood cell levels to fail. It typically will affect kittens and non-vaccinated cats and the disease can survive in the environment for up to a year. There are … Continued

Photo credit: The FurBearer Defenders

Your Phone Call Can Help Save Winnipeg’s Beavers

Dear WHS supporters, Can you help us save beavers from being cruelly killed within our city? Beavers are an integral part of Canada’s waterways, and are commonly associated with our country. However, when beavers choose to reside in populated areas, they can damage property, or pose a risk for flooding to occur. Currently, the City of Winnipeg is using lethal methods as a form of urban beaver management. Problem beavers are killed with firearms, or through trapping via conibear trap systems. The Winnipeg Humane Society opposes this type of wildlife animal management and we need YOU to help us get … Continued

July 2020 MVP: Kathryn Anderson

When Kathryn Anderson retired in July 2019 she was sure she wanted to do some volunteer work. She didn’t have to look very far. Her son, David Blanchette, volunteered in the Winnipeg Humane Society clinic and was selected as WHS MVP in July of 2019. “He got me interested in the Humane Society as a place where I could volunteer once I retired,” she said. “But his picture is up on the wall at the shelter so I’m afraid mine will go up instead.” The other factor in selecting a place to volunteer was Kathryn’s life-long love for cats. “I’ve … Continued

New Twist on an Old Favourite: The WHS Used Book & DVD Sale Moves Online

The annual Winnipeg Humane Society Used Book & DVD sale is run by an amazing committed team of volunteers who plan months in advance to achieve its fund-raising success. Little did we know, this year a pandemic was going to impact all of our activities resulting in the cancellation of the sale. The traditional in-person sale held every spring, packed wall-to-wall with shoppers looking for their favourite author, was just not responsible nor feasible in our current state. The team took the opportunity, like many not-for-profit organizations faced with the same challenge to their fundraising events, to try something new. … Continued

Animal Friendly Summer Reading List for Kids

Looking for a new book? Volunteers with the Animal Compassion Team have put together an extensive summer reading list for kids and youth of all ages! Take a look at the list below for our recommendations on animal friendly summer reading!   Generic animal themed books: Bunnicula, by Debra & James Howe (juvenile fiction series of books about a house rabbit that sucks the juice from the carrots in the fridge at night)   National Geographic Encyclopedia of Animals – great pictures and information   Watership Down, by Richard Adams (12 + age range, about a group of rabbits that … Continued