What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Adopt

The Winnipeg Humane Society helps provide shelter, welfare and dignity to thousands of animals each year, and many of these cats, dogs and critters proceed to our Adoptions Department where they wait to find loving homes. We get lots of questions about how to visit with or adopt an animal, so we thought we’d shed some light on the process for those who might be curious. Visiting with the Animals While anyone is welcome to walk around our facility and look through the windows at the animals in Adoptions, in order to visit with them we require some basic information. … Continued

Spay and Neuter is Key to Avoiding these Health Issues

With a new year starting off, the Investigations and Emergency Response Department would like to take this opportunity to remind owners to spay and neuter their pets. The I/ER team saw a few animals with medical concerns throughout the year that could have been avoided if the animal had been fixed at an appropriate time. While the initial cost of a spay or neuter may seem daunting, it will be far cheaper than dealing with an unexpected litter or dealing with future medical costs. There are also many health and behavioral benefits that come from getting your animal fixed. Pyometra … Continued

December 2019 MVP: Eva Kazun

Each week, Dog Team Ambassador Eva and Barney hit the road to visit with people who can use the company. Twice a week, they take part in the See Spot Read program for children. The children interact with the dogs and even read to them. They also volunteer with the DASCH program for the intellectually challenged, through the WHS. Their scope of their volunteer work goes beyond the WHS, however. They also give of their time to St. John’s Ambulance. They visit nursing homes, schools, Ronald McDonald House and the airport. “We do a lot sometimes,” she said, with a … Continued

Corporate Teams Help the WHS

In 2019, the Winnipeg Humane Society stepped up its efforts to build its corporate relationships and one way was through volunteer engagement. What’s great about our program is that corporate teams can commit to volunteer for a half day, full day or monthly commitment. The team learns about the WHS with a personalized tour and then volunteers to complete a shelter project. Employers who encourage volunteer group engagement say it helps to strengthen the relationships between team members, while focusing on a common interest – the animals. We are very grateful to 165 individuals from 16 corporations who collectively donated … Continued

Are we doing enough? A 2020 Update on Pig Confinement

When it comes to discussing the welfare of pigs in agriculture, it is crucial to remember that the aspect of housing is only one small aspect of their overall welfare. Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals that have evolved to carry out a wide range of complex, instinctive behaviours in a very specific manner. All of which intensive farming practices deny them. In Manitoba alone, there are approximately 8 million pigs at any given time. These intensively farmed pigs: Are raised on barren concrete with no substrate or straw beneath them. Are denied the ability to root and forage, a behavior … Continued

CEO Blog: Our WHS Resolutions for 2020

As a new decade begins, your WHS is busy planning ahead and looking to continue to be an innovative, transparent and results-based charity for the next 10 years (and beyond). I am of course very biased when it comes to our organization, but I honestly believe we have reached a tipping point in terms of achieving critical goals reducing euthanasia rates, giving each and every animal entering our care a fair chance, advocating on behalf of all animals, and becoming a more humble organization, listening and respecting the ideas and opinions of others. And for 2020, we have an ambitious … Continued

Five Small Resolutions with a Big Impact (on the planet and the animals)

Is helping animals on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Luckily, it has never been easier to start making a difference for animals and to expand your circle of compassion. A kinder world begins with each one of us making eco-friendly choices every day, no matter how big or small. So, here are five easy ways that you can start making a big difference for the planet and the animals (both locally and globally) that we share it with: Make a new friend: Visit and support the efforts of a local farm animal sanctuary to form a lasting friendship with … Continued

CEO Blog: A Look Back at 2019

I am not sure about you, but I cannot believe 2019 is coming to an end. Before we bid farewell to 2019 let’s take stock to the accomplishments and challenges we faced in the past 12 months Celebrating 125 years advocating for animal welfare and saving lives Your Winnipeg Humane Society is officially 125 years old. From our founder picking up stray cats on Selkirk Avenue to opening a modern animal shelter, we are and have been from day one a community-based, non-government, private charity. With that comes the freedom to do what it is best for the animals we … Continued

Grey Cup Ticket Fundraiser Winners 2019

The Winnipeg Humane Society’s Grey Cup Scratch Tickets fundraiser kicked off early September. Tickets were sold at four different locations along with at the shelter at 45 Hurst Way. The volunteer team sold tickets at Sobey’s, Safeways and at St. Vital Centre on the weekends and forty-eight volunteers took tickets to sell to family and friends. Our Grey Cup ticket team are a hardworking, dedicated bunch and we are very grateful to have raised $6,500 (net) for the animals in our care. Our winners from each series are listed below. Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to everyone … Continued

A Holiday Gift Guide from the WHS Pet Shop

The holiday season is in full swing and can often be a hectic time for people and their pets. At the WHS Pet Shop, we have several products available to help keep your companion animals happy and healthy during the holidays. Entertainment and Enrichment Bored animals are easily tempted to get into things they shouldn’t, and there are lots of alluring decorations and human treats which might interest them during this time of year. Providing your pets with treat dispensing toys designed to engage their brains will not only ensure they have tempting treats appropriate for their digestive tracts but … Continued