2020 September MVP: Tricia Barnabe

A profound sense of altruism was a major factor in attracting Tricia Barnabe to volunteering at the Winnipeg Humane Society a year ago. That, and a chance to spend some time with puppies as part of the Behaviour team. “I retired May 2016 and I’m a true believer in altruism,” she explained. “You get more from volunteering than you give out. It’s a bigger experience and it means more for the volunteer than what he or she puts in. I’ve volunteered with other organizations like Air Canada Dreams Take Flight since 2005 and with the Winnipeg Fringe Festival since 2016.” … Continued

Kids Give Back 2020

This holiday season, your family can help other family’s animals during the pandemic. With such uncertainty in our economy, many facing layoffs or job losses during this unprecedented time. It is a time when Winnipeggers as we do can come together as a community to give back and help each other. It is an opportunity for kids to engage in an activity of kindness. We are kindly inviting household families to put together a holiday wrapped pet shoe box which might include donations of toys, pet food, and treats for cat, dog, or critter. Please wrap the pet shoe box, … Continued

Accidents, Illnesses and so much more. Learn about Pet Insurance with Petsecure

Many people sign up for a pet insurance policy because they want peace of mind in case something unexpected happens and they’re faced with a vet bill they weren’t planning for. Petsecure is a Winnipeg Humane Society partner and all new adoptions receive a free insurance trial before committing to a full insurance policy. This gives new adopters peace of mind and the chance to try the service. Not only does Petsecure help cover the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses. But, did you know that when you sign up for a policy, there are all kinds of other … Continued

Joint Pet Food Donation Drive to Help Local Animals

No animal should go hungry. That’s why the WHS is launching a joint pet food donation drive in partnership with the Animal Food Bank. From November 2nd to 15th, you can safely drop off any kind of dog food, cat food (wet or dry) or pet treats to our outdoor donation drop off bin at 45 Hurst Way. All proceeds with benefit the Animal Food Bank’s Winnipeg chapter and the WHS Emergency Food Bank, both created to help pet caregivers through difficult financial times. Anja Richter is the the WHS manager of shelter operations and she shares her thoughts on … Continued

Bow Wow Ball Silent Auction Moves Fully Online

As Halloween draws near, the Winnipeg Humane Society would normally be in the final preparations for our annual gala dinner, The Bow Wow Ball. A HUGE part of the Bow Wow Ball is our famous Silent Auction. Normally the auction would only be open to those who are attending the Bow Wow Ball, but this year we have decided to bring it online and open it up to everyone in the province!   The Bow Wow Ball is our biggest fundraiser of the year and a night that many of our supporters, including the WHS family, look forward to attending. A collection of people coming together … Continued

October is Registered Veterinary Technologist Month!

Our WHS Registered Vet Techs are an amazing part of the organization every month of the year, but in October we stop to celebrate. This is a very special message from our Clinic Management Team to our amazing techs: Thank you for caring for the animals all the way through their stay at the WHS. Thank you for treating each dog, cat, and exotic animal that comes through our door with compassion and dignity. Thank you for representing the WHS proudly when you are attending Northern remote clinics, attending CE conferences and in the media. Thank you for your adventurous … Continued

The future of your WHS is in excellent hands

Dear WHS Supporters, It is time for me to formally say good-bye to you and to the all-star team of Board members, staff, volunteers and donors who have made the last 5.5 years such a humbling journey. This will officially be my last CEO blog. The kind words and good wishes I have received in the past few weeks will not be forgotten. Thank you for the encouragement, for your trust, and for your compassion towards animals, big and small. And while it may be fun to reminisce about  my tenure, today it is important to concentrate in what really … Continued

Identification Critical in Reunification of Lost Pets

The Investigations and Emergency Response (IER) Department often attends calls for injured stray animals – they are brought back to the Winnipeg Humane Society so that they can receive appropriate vet care. When an animal is brought back to the shelter, the staff do what they can to try and reunite the stray animal with a potential owner. Sometimes, time is of the essence and it is important for us to find an owner as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the animal to have no identification or to have out of date information, with phone … Continued

Action Alert! Tell the Manitoba Government That Exposing Animal Cruelty is Not A Crime

ACTION ALERT: Across Canada, Provincial governments are enacting legislation that under the guise of protecting rural property and enhancing biosecurity, target the ability of whistleblowers and animal welfare groups to hold industry accountable. Such legislation punishes those who make public the cruel and inhumane treatment of farm animals in large-scale, industrial farms, as well as transportation and slaughter facilities. The Government of Manitoba is now proposing amendments to both the provincial Animal Diseases Act and Petty Trespasses Act, and we are urging our friends and supporters to participate in the public consultation process to make sure animal welfare and the … Continued

August 2020 MVP: Katherine Rudge

When Katherine Rudge began training her puppy Jazz in 2014, it became a bonding experience and a learning experience for both of them. One that has led to both of them volunteering for the Winnipeg Humane Society. Before COVID-19 put most things on hold, Katherine and Jazz, a Lab-German Shorthair Pointer mix, made weekly visits to Riverwood Square, a seniors facility offering both assisted living and supportive housing. “We work mostly on the Memory Care side with people with Alzheimer’s,” Katherine explained. “Before COVID-19, we’d go once a week and just visit with people for a couple of hours. The … Continued