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WHS Education Corner: A New Year of Kid Camps

WHS Education Corner: A New Year of Kid Camps It all starts with Education. People will care much more about something if they understand it. Understanding and caring for animals is what we try to pass on to all students we meet, be it a Kindergarten group having their first interaction with an animal, or a high school group that we are discussing farming with. The more people know, the better. The WHS Kid Camps are an amazing opportunity for the next generation of humane leaders to learn all about animals. How often do children get to spend a whole … Continued

Our Top Ten Instagram Moments of 2018

Our Top Ten Instagram Moments of 2018 One of our favourite things is getting the chance to share the stories of the animals who come through our doors. Looking back on this last year we had so many cuties to share with you, here are the top ten Instagram photos from 2018! #10. Bill won our hearts the second he walked in, and clearly, he won yours as well. He arrived at the shelter in rough shape but was a trouper from the get-go and sat nicely while he was being treated.   #9. Rooibos came in at only 11 weeks old and … Continued

WHS New Year’s Resolutions

WHS New Year’s Resolutions Most of us take the change in our calendar year to pencil in resolutions for the next 12 months. At the WHS, we also use the time to reflect upon our achievements and set the course for the future, as we move onwards and upwards. But we have come up with our list with a bit of a twist: YOU are actually the one helping us draft it! Every summer we conduct a comprehensive community consultation process. We carefully heard your feedback and wishes, and we’ve put together some pretty big resolutions going into the new … Continued

The Year in Review: 2018 WHS Highlights

The Year in Review: 2018 WHS Highlights 2018 has been a fantastic year and your support has helped us accomplish so much to care for the animals and advocate on their behalf. Looking back on the past year, there have been many amazing moments and stories that it was hard to pick only a few. We can’t wait for the upcoming year to continue to strive towards our goals, and with your help make the lives of animals better. 1001 Donations This last year in March we held the 11th annual 1001 Donations fundraiser put on in partnership with Red … Continued

WHS Calls for Stop to Inhumane Exportation of Horses

WHS Calls for Stop to Inhumane Exportation of Horses There is currently a very tragic situation happening in Manitoba, and we are asking your support to stop it. Purposefully bred horses are being shipped on very long international flights to be slaughtered and consumed, without proper access to water and food and with little regard for their overall welfare. The Winnipeg Humane Society opposes Canada’s lack of enforced regulation resulting in the inhumane exportation methods of horses. Statistics Canada reports that Canada’s horse meat exportation industry generates roughly $80 million per year.  Japan is currently Canada’s largest purchaser of live … Continued

WHS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

WHS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide The holidays are fast approaching, and last-minute shopping can be difficult. So, we’ve made it easy to for you to shop for your furry friends or the animal lover in your life with WHS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! For the canine in your life Man’s best friend can be hard to shop for if you don’t have somewhere to start. Here are a few nifty ideas that can be found at the WHS Gift Shop. For something fun: All dogs are different, but one thing is for sure, they can’t get enough of Kong chew … Continued

Meatless Monday: Roasted Root Vegetable Galette

Meatless Monday: Roasted Root Vegetable Galette During the winter months, I love making food in the oven. There is something about cooking food nice and slow to bring out its natural flavour, especially when it comes to vegetables. Plus it is a nice way to make the kitchen warm and toasty in these chilly months. I recently came across the idea of a roasted vegetable galette, which I thought looked and sounded delicious, but the recipe was not entirely plant-based, and was quite high in saturated fat. This made me want to get creative in the kitchen and make my own … Continued

November Volunteer Profile: Claire Blomeley

MVP: Claire Blomeley Animal Intake volunteer Claire Blomeley cares – a lot. She grew up caring for others and her community. She’s a nurse in her everyday life, caring for recovery room patients at Health Sciences Centre. But most weeks (when she’s not working evenings) you’ll find her taking care of animals that have been surrendered. “I grew up attending Girl Guides and doing community activities,” she said. “I really wanted to find something that was separate from my work but meant giving back to my community. However, because I work as a nurse I wanted something that wasn’t necessarily directly … Continued

Sookie on a recent 'Staycation'

No Dog Left Behind This Holiday Season

No Dog Left Behind This Holiday Season The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) is asking Winnipeggers to give back this season and temporarily take in dogs during the Christmas holiday as part of its “Staycation” program. The WHS’s holiday wish is that no dog is left behind in the shelter during Christmas. As a result, the WHS is looking for people to step up and help these shelter dogs experience the warmth and love of a home for the holidays. CEO Javier Schwersensky said, “Having a dog in your home is a beautiful thing. Taking in a dog is good for … Continued

WHS Heads North for Animal Care Clinic

WHS Heads North for Animal Care Clinic The remote Northern community of God’s Lake First Nation, like so many others, has been dealing with the ongoing issues of lack of accessible veterinary care and dog overpopulation. Located in the far northeastern corner of Manitoba in God’s Lake Narrows with a population of 1500 people, God’s Lake FN has invited the Winnipeg Humane Society into the community to hold an animal health care mini-clinic. By setting up ongoing relationships with remote communities, we’re looking to remove barriers to care, help provide animal healthcare education and take steps towards having healthier animals … Continued