CEO Blog: Undercover Boss (not really) Series – Episode 1: Intake and Foster

The first stop in my quest to do as many front-line jobs as possible took me to the Intake and Foster Department. This is the area where stray animals are dropped off and animals with human caretakers are surrendered for various reasons: behavioural problems, people leaving town and unable to take the pet, people moving to a no-pet apartment, or those who cannot afford medical treatment. It is also the department that coordinates with our over 240 active fosters, scheduling pick-ups, follow-ups, drop-offs, etc. This Department is led by Anja, and her assistant Manager, Audrey. Both have risen through the … Continued

CEO Blog: Introducing the Undercover Boss (not really) Series – My quest to get more in-touch this summer

Have you ever been diagnosed with Ivory Tower Syndrome? Well, I have. This particular syndrome affects Managers working in an administrative position, removed from day-to-day operations and not dealing with the public every day. The effects include not understanding many of the jobs people do in your workplace, being invisible to staff, and general isolation from reality. It also includes sitting in two-hour meetings in your own office for most of the day, rarely venturing out to the rest of the building. It is a very serious condition! So how did I find out I had caught this nasty bug? … Continued

Meatless Monday: Thai Red Curry

Since becoming vegan two years ago one of the things I’ve discovered that I absolutely love is curry. Would you believe I’d never had curry in my entire life before that? Actually, I think I might have years ago and didn’t care for the taste, so never tried it again. So much of changing your diet involves trying new recipes, and I am so glad I gave curry another try. This recipe for Thai Red Curry is a recent favourite. It’s by the blogger Cookie and Kate and it is very flexible, forgiving, and delicious. It has a mild curry … Continued

CEO Blog: Assiniboine Park Zoo: Please shut down your Stingray Beach exhibit

Being a friend sometimes means asking tough questions or telling unpleasant truths. The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) has a lot of respect for the people who lead and work every day at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. The WHS celebrates Paws in Motion, our biggest outdoor event, at that venue. And we rely on the knowledge and competency of Dr. Chris Enright and his team when our Animal Protection Officers seize reptiles or other exotic animals. Respect does not mean being quiet when animals are hurting. On June 26, the Zoo announced that they were temporarily closing their Stingray Beach exhibit … Continued

A Hot Car Can Kill

A pet left in a hot vehicle isn’t safe. The high temperatures cause a risk of heat stroke, brain damage and in some cases death. The WHS is teaming up once again with River City Ford for another year of our ‘A Hot Car Can Kill’ campaign to work towards ending animal suffering in the summer months due to overheating in hot cars. During the warmer weather the WHS Emergency Response team receives hundreds of calls about animals who are locked in hot vehicles, in 2018 alone the WHS received 155 calls to our emergency line in addition to calls … Continued

May Volunteer Profile: Christine Davis

When it comes to demonstrating your commitment to a community, lots of people talk the talk but their actions don’t back up their words. On the other hand, Winnipeg Humane Society volunteer Christine Davis walks the walk and loves what she does. Christine is a volunteer for We are here for the Animals. We are here for You., a community outreach spay and neuter program addresses cat overpopulation in Winnipeg’s most impacted areas by offering surgeries for $10 including transportation. The program is facilitated through Jessica Thompson, the WHS and Winnipeg Animal Services. It ensures that cats of low-income families are … Continued

CEO Blog: Help us tell our WHS story

What does the Winnipeg Humane Society means to you? We want to know! Dear WHS friends and supporters, As part of our 125th Anniversary activities, we want to learn more about your relationship with the WHS, and what the WHS means to you. We will gather this information through an easy online survey we’re asking you to fill out. Your participation in this survey will help us shape the way we present our shelter and tell our story to the community. We are asking for your help because in today’s world, decisions about where to direct donations, where to volunteer … Continued

WHS and Winnipeg Foundation Form Historic New Partnership

For the past 125 years, the Winnipeg Humane Society has been helping animals in our community, funded mostly through the generosity of our donors. A new partnership with The Winnipeg Foundation aims to ‘future-proof’ the WHS for the next 125+ years. Currently, more than 65% of our budget relies on donations and bequests. The WHS also has an endowment fund and we’ve trusted a portion of those monies to The Winnipeg Foundation to grow and generate a steady source of revenue, which will allow us to help animals for another century. This is an investment that will start to bear … Continued

Joe’s Story of Survival

Joe made full use of his nine lives before ending up in the care of the Winnipeg Humane Society. Joe was found injured in Downtown Winnipeg after being hit by a vehicle. His injuries included a broken shoulder blade, a diaphragmatic hernia (his gastrointestinal organs shifted out of his abdomen and into his chest causing him severe breathing problems), and a ruptured diaphragm. The WHS Clinic Staff acted quickly and performed an emergency surgery to repair his ruptured diaphragm and return his GI organs to his abdomen to improve his breathing. During the surgery they noticed that Joe already had … Continued

One of the pieces of monthly mail received from donor Ann Saltzberg.

CEO Blog: A tale of two donors and the amazing legacy of our supporters

“Annie! It is so nice to finally meet you! Before you go… Could I give you a hug?” There are moments in our lives that we never forget. As I write this blog, I have goosebumps remembering that big, bear hug I got from one very special lady: Ann Saltzberg. The main reason why that hug is now so important is that just two weeks after I met Annie in person for the first time, she passed away. Annie, as we called her in the shelter, loved animals. And she loved the Winnipeg Humane Society. Every month, without fail, I … Continued