1001 Donations: You helped Krum beat Parvovirus

At only four-months-old, Krum was very sick when he arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society. He was so weak he couldn’t lift his head. He was vomiting, had diarrhea, and was dehydrated. Krum tested positive for Canine Parvovirus (Parvo). In a shelter environment, Parvo is extremely dangerous because it’s very contagious to puppies and dogs, and it has a 90% mortality rate of untreated cases. In order to treat Krum, he was quarantined in his own isolation room and given IV fluids and medication to recover. He was also given antibiotics to prevent him from getting any secondary infections caused by … Continued

Updates on COVID-19

Update 6 – Monday, March 30th Although the Province of Manitoba has restricted the operations of all non-critical services by order of the Manitoba Public Health Directive issued under the authority of the Public Health Act (Section 67) by April 1st, the Winnipeg Humane Society is included as part of the Schedule of Critical Services: “73. A business that provides for the health and well-being of animals, including farms, boarding kennels, stables, animal shelters, zoos, aquariums, research facilities and other service providers.” and will remain open in our current state. This includes Adoptions by appointment-only, Intake for animal emergencies only and … Continued

1001 Donations: You helped save Hendrix’s life…

When Hendrix arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society, he looked like a normal kitten with a bit of frostbite on his ears and some matted fur on his leg, but it turned out he had a much bigger problem that required urgent medical attention to save his life. Hendrix had a crust of matted fur and infected skin on his back-right leg. The veterinarian doing his initial examination was horrified to discover that all of the skin on Hendrix’s leg was completely gone. His knee, thigh, and muscles were all exposed. The wound extended very high up his tiny body. … Continued

Fleas and Your Pet: How to spot and treat them

It is not uncommon for the Investigations and Emergency Response Department to receive calls about issues that could be caught sooner or even be avoided altogether if owners focus on prevention. Last month, the I/ER team discussed how proper grooming can avoid matting and overgrown nails. For this month, we would like to focus on fleas – how to spot them, treat them and more. What are Fleas Fleas are very small, brown, wingless insects that can jump, reside in hair/on skin, live off of blood and can withstand extensive scratching – making them hard to get rid of. Fleas … Continued

1001 Donations: Tilly was fighting for her life…

Tilly was found lying in the cold on the side of the highway in Northern Manitoba after most likely being hit by a car. When she arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society, she was in severe pain and in a horrible state. Her right hind leg could turn completely around, and she couldn’t walk or wag her tail. She was fighting to stay alive. WHS Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Melanie Youngs, immediately attended to Tilly. X-rays showed Tilly had a fractured pelvis, a broken tibia, and she had been shot numerous times with pellets. Dr. Youngs wasn’t sure if Tilly would … Continued

CEO Blog: It’s time to say goodbye to calf and pig scrambles

One of the largest agricultural fairs in Canada is headed to Manitoba in a few short weeks. The annual Royal Manitoba Winter Fair will be opening its doors in Brandon, Manitoba from March 30th to April 4th, to celebrate and honour our province’s long-standing agricultural history. The Winnipeg Humane Society acknowledges the importance for many individuals to pay homage to such traditions, and the role for such events to educate the general public on such practices. Many rural and urban dwellers alike will agree that such an event can be a positive social atmosphere for Canadians to gather, socialize and … Continued

CEO Blog: Get ready to be inspired by 1001 Donations

Dear friends, I am not sure about you, but for the past few weeks my online social media feeds, TV news, radio programs and even podcasts are chock-full of bad news. But we have the antidote for bad news and negativity. It is called the Winnipeg Humane Society 1001 Donations and it runs from today until Saturday, March 28th. Get ready to be inspired by the work of our amazing staff and volunteers, giving you exclusive behind the scenes access to discover what it takes to help over 10,000 animals every year, all throughout the month of March. Get ready … Continued

WHS Education Corner: More ways to (birthday) party at the WHS!

Our Education Department truly has grown in the past year! We have added new options for those booking birthday parties. In addition to offering our Original Birthday Party Package, we have introduced Amped Up and Deluxe Birthday Party Packages. These parties are a great way to educate youth on animal welfare needs, while doing it in a fun and interactive way! Here at the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS), we strive to constantly improve our programs by including as much client feedback as possible. For example, in the past we have had clients ask if food or loot bags were included. … Continued

Meatless Monday: Amazing Vegan Cheese Sauce

Ever since I transitioned to a Plant Based Lifestyle, I secretly still wanted to occasionally indulge in some sort of a cheese sauce; dairy free of course; but “cheezy” and creamy, none the less. More often then not, what would often come up in recipe shares and discussions, is “cheese” sauces with cashews. Even though cashews are a whole plant food, they are high in fat and my son has a severe allergy to them, so those are not an option for our nut-free kitchen. I was more then thrilled to find this recipe from Brand New Vegan, and blown away once I … Continued

January 2020 MVP: Brian Kozak

Brian Kozak has gotten a bit of a reputation at the Winnipeg Humane Society as something of a cat whisperer. In his role as a Cat Enrichment Volunteer, they say he has a gift for connecting with cats, particularly the shy ones. “I think the cats like it because I get down on the floor with them and play with them and pet them,” said Brian, a volunteer for four years and the January 2020 selection for MVP. “The shy ones tend to feel better with someone at their level, as opposed to looking down on them. (Being a Cat … Continued