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All cats available for adoption are up to date on vaccines, spay/neutered and have tattoo ID.

In an immediate effort to create more space at the WHS, adoption fees for URI (cats six months and older) are waived from June 1-4. The shelter is over capacity and unless more cats are adopted there is great risk of euthanizing for space.

“Our community has asked us to do everything we can to improve the live outcomes for cats. We have implemented new strategies that are making a significant difference, but now urgently need people to adopt these cats immediately,” says WHS CEO Javier Schwersensky.

The felines available for adoption either had or were exposed to Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and must be housed separately from the general population of cats. When URI symptoms are present it is like a human cold. Currently there are 142 cats with URI under the care of the WHS.

Many of the cats adopted through this promotion will never show signs of URI again. The cats that display symptoms can be treated with some simple home remedies or medication.

While adoption fees are waived, the same adoption process occurs. Potential adopters need to bring ID with their current address and a carrier. All cats are up to date on vaccines, spay/neutered and have tattoo ID. Should any URI symptoms occur in the first three months of adoption the cat can be brought to the WHS Clinic for a health check.