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WHS Heads North for Animal Care Clinic

The remote Northern community of God’s Lake First Nation, like so many others, has been dealing with the ongoing issues of lack of accessible veterinary care and dog overpopulation. Located in the far northeastern corner of Manitoba in God’s Lake Narrows with a population of 1500 people, God’s Lake FN has invited the Winnipeg Humane Society into the community to hold an animal health care mini-clinic.

By setting up ongoing relationships with remote communities, we’re looking to remove barriers to care, help provide animal healthcare education and take steps towards having healthier animals in the community.

In partnership with the Norway House Rescue Organization and at a shared expense, our head of veterinary medicine Dr. Gina Bowens will fly into God’s Lake for three days to:

-Place contraceptive implants in male and female dogs to help reduce unwanted litters and combat overpopulation.
-Vaccinate local dogs for the most common remote community viruses, including Rabies, Distemper and Parvo Virus.
-Conduct deworming treatments, as well as on-the-spot treatment for mange, lice and other minor infections.

The expenses for a weekend mini-clinic in a remote community can run anywhere from $2500-4000, including staff time, flights, hotel and food, plus vaccines and other medical supplies. You can donate today to support these initiatives, which are an investment in our people, our communities and our animals.