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Spay and Neuter

The Winnipeg Humane Society is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets in our community. Providing an affordable spay and neuter option to all Manitobans is part of our plan.

What it means to spay or neuter your cat

Spay means to surgically remove the ovaries of a female animal and neuter means to castrate a male animal, thereby making it impossible for them to reproduce. This process is sometimes referred to as “fixing” or “sterilizing” as well. It is a very safe, common procedure and vital to controlling the animal population in our community.

Where you can go

We recommend you seek out a local veterinarian to fix your cat. It is a good way to establish a relationship with a doctor who will be very important in your animal’s life. Veterinarians can be found in the phone book. The cost is reasonable, and it will pay off in the long run. If you absolutely cannot afford to see a veterinarian, you can call our Subsidized Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) at 204-888-SNAP or e-mail:

The Winnipeg Humane Society is the City of Winnipeg Animal Service Agency’s service provider for cats in our community. The services include:

  • Stray cats in Winnipeg
  • Low cost spay & neuter program
  • Emergency pick-up


Subsidized Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)

Low income families can apply for the SNAP program to get their cat spayed or neutered for around $25 within the City of Winnipeg.

There are many ways to qualify, so call 204-888-SNAP to see if you do! You will be required to provide proof of household income (most current income tax information for all occupants) or proof of social assistance in order to participate in SNAP.

We recommend that your pet be spayed/neutered anytime after the age of four months and ideally before the first heat.

Subsidized spay and neuter surgeries are also available for dogs and rabbits, and for pets living outside of Winnipeg.  Participants in this program may qualify according to their household income.

Out of town fees:
Dog spay: $85
Dog neuter: $75
Dog cryptorchid: $85
Cat spay: $50
Cat neuter: $45
Cat cryptorchid: $50
Rabbit spay: $75
Rabbit neuter: $60
Dog vaccine (DA2PPV): $10
Rabies vaccine: $10
Cat vaccine (FCRVP): $10

All pets participating in this program are required to have their full vaccinations with records provided to the clinic staff. If needed, a subsidy vaccination will be administered at the time of the surgery.

The SNAP program is partially supported by the City of Winnipeg.

Book your cat appointment online

Cat owners living in Winnipeg can now book their pet’s spay/neuter surgery online! Click the button below to start:

Online booking is temporarily unavailable. To book your appointment, please call 204-888-7627

We Are Here for the Animals. We Are Here for You.

This community outreach spay and neuter program addresses cat overpopulation in Winnipeg’s most impacted areas by offering surgeries for $5, including transportation.



Spay and Neuter Myths

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