Joe’s Story of Survival | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Joe made full use of his nine lives before ending up in the care of the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Joe was found injured in Downtown Winnipeg after being hit by a vehicle. His injuries included a broken shoulder blade, a diaphragmatic hernia (his gastrointestinal organs shifted out of his abdomen and into his chest causing him severe breathing problems), and a ruptured diaphragm.

The WHS Clinic Staff acted quickly and performed an emergency surgery to repair his ruptured diaphragm and return his GI organs to his abdomen to improve his breathing. During the surgery they noticed that Joe already had two surgical scars from his past. At some point in his life, Joe had already had a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) procedure. An FHO procedure is a minor surgery to combat hip disease by relieving hip pain and improving quality of life. The other scar was on his abdomen which means he had some sort of medical procedure to repair something in that area.

After a successful surgery, Joe was sent into foster so he could recover from his broken shoulder. He made a speedy recovery and is now available for adoption at the WHS. According to Dr. Melanie Young, he is a gorgeous boy who is happy, purring, and affectionate. He is now walking normally on all four limbs.

The Clinic Staff at the Winnipeg Humane Society performs incredible acts like this EVERYDAY. When an animal comes into the shelter, they ensure that it gets the treatment it needs, right away. All animals deserve a second chance regardless of their past or their medical issues. Our Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to creating these second chances and giving each animal in need a happy and pain-free life. Thanks to their dedication and the healing power of healthy, nourishing food from our Paws in Motion Clinic sponsor Hill’s Science Diet, Joe is living his best new life.

At Paws in Motion, the Winnipeg Humane Society brings the shelter outdoors so that the public has a chance to see all the work that goes into saving animals and finding them homes. There will be tons of fun activities and opportunities to chat with the incredible people that make the WHS what it is. The WHS has many departments, but they all have a similar goal: To protect all animals from suffering and to promote their welfare and dignity. Join us on June 23rd for Manitoba’s Largest Celebration of Pets and the Winnipeg Humane Society’s 125th birthday.

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