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Imagine being in so much physical pain you couldn’t stand up. You couldn’t eat. You couldn’t walk. And you couldn’t tell anyone what’s wrong because you’re a dog.

This was Mickie’s reality.

When Mickie came to the WHS, he was in extreme pain and needed immediate care. His bladder was FULL of stones and infected. He was constantly leaking bloody urine.

If you’ve ever had bladder stones you’ve experienced how painful they can be. But perhaps not on the same scale as Mickie…

57 stones were removed from Mickie’s bladder during a 2-hour surgery. The stones varied in size, but the largest measured 1.5 inches wide, .5 inches thick, and weighed 33 grams.

Mickie was surrendered to the WHS so he could receive the critical care he needed to get better. YOUR donations healed Mickie’s pain. He is now back to being happy and enjoying life again thanks to YOU.

Our annual 1001 Donations Telethon, presented by Vickar Automotive Group, is coming up on Saturday, March 24 and we need to raise $60,000 so we can keep helping animals in their greatest time of need, just like Mickie.

All donations up to $60,000 are being matched dollar for dollar by five generous donors. If we reach our goal, it will be matched to an amazing $120,000 and will change so many animals’ lives.

Then, tune in on March 24 from 11AM-5PM as we will broadcast live from the WHS on Facebook Live (WHS Facebook page), Shaw TV Channel 9, QX104, and 93.4 The Drive to see your donation dollars at work. We will share stories of animals like Mickie, along with WHS volunteers and staff who work tirelessly to make sure every animal gets a second chance to live a happy and healthy life.

The reality is we couldn’t alleviate any animal’s pain without your support.

Thank you so much for believing in what we do.

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