1001 Donations: Tilly was fighting for her life… | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Tilly was found lying in the cold on the side of the highway in Northern Manitoba after most likely being hit by a car. When she arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society, she was in severe pain and in a horrible state. Her right hind leg could turn completely around, and she couldn’t walk or wag her tail. She was fighting to stay alive.

WHS Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Melanie Youngs, immediately attended to Tilly. X-rays showed Tilly had a fractured pelvis, a broken tibia, and she had been shot numerous times with pellets. Dr. Youngs wasn’t sure if Tilly would ever walk again. She gave Tilly medication to relieve her pain, but her health started to deteriorate even more.

Dr. Youngs suspected Tilly had a potential uterine infection from pregnancy loss. She was not prepared for what she found during Tilly’s emergency surgery. The force of the impact had ruptured Tilly’s uterus, and one of the puppies had been expelled into her abdomen, causing a horrible infection inside. Dr. Youngs spayed Tilly, washed out her abdomen, and put her on intravenous fluids and antibiotics to try to save her life. Tilly was in intensive care overnight with Dr. Youngs.

Tilly pulled through and eventually Dr. Youngs was able to perform another surgery to put a plate on her broken leg. A tummy band was used during physiotherapy to help support Tilly’s weight to try to get her up walking again. It took three weeks before Tilly even attempted to walk.

Tilly is now walking and wagging her tail again. She is happy, loving life, and acting like a normal dog. She is completely different today than when she first arrived at the WHS, but she stills need one last surgery to remove the plate in her leg.

Our annual 1001 Donations presented by Vickar Automotive Group, concludes on Saturday, March 28 and we need to raise $60,000 so we can keep saving the lives of helpless animals like Tilly.

Please make a donation today and help us reach our goal of raising $60,000. All donations up to $60,000 are being matched dollar-for-dollar by five generous donors. If we raise $60,000 that is matched to an amazing $120,000 to help more animals like Tilly this year.

The reality is that the WHS couldn’t help animals like Tilly every day without you. Thank you so much for helping animals like Tilly get a second chance.

Stay tuned as we share more stories so you can see how your donations directly impact so many animals’ lives every day here at the WHS.