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Wildlife Issues

The Winnipeg Humane Society protects animals from suffering and promotes their welfare and dignity – including Manitoba wildlife. To report Wildlife Concerns (including injured wildlife), contact either Manitoba Wildlife at 204-878-3740 or Prairie Wildlife at 204-510-1855

Spring bear hunt

The Winnipeg Humane Society opposes the spring bear hunt because:

  • Mother bears are sometimes killed (often accidentally), drastically reducing their orphaned cubs’ chances of survival
  • We must offer the same protection for bears that we provide for all other big game species, such as moose or deer
  • All but six US states and Ontario have banned spring bear hunting. Now it’s time for Manitoba and the rest of Canada to follow suit.


Write or email the Premier (premier@leg.gov.mb.ca) and the Minister of Conservation (mincon@leg.gov.mb.ca) at the Legislative Building, 450 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 0V8 asking them to ban the spring bear hunt in Manitoba.

Penned hunting

The Winnipeg Humane Society opposes hunting wild animals inside fenced compounds because:

  • It is unethical
  • It’s not a fair chase/no chance of escape
  • Hunting for trophies is wasteful


Contact your area MLA and tell them you support a ban on Penned Hunting.

Elk ranching

The Winnipeg Humane Society opposes elk ranching and the capture of wild elk for this industry because:

  • Wild animals should be left in the wild
  • De-antlering for velvet is painful mutilation of living tissue
  • Confining wild elk increases risk of tuberculosis and other diseases to captive and wild herds


Contact your area MLA and tell them you support a ban on elk ranching.