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Re-Homing Your Cat

Don’t wait to the last minute to try and resolve your pet’s behaviour issues or attempt to find a new home for your pet.

We are working very hard to give each and animal that comes through our doors the proper care and opportunity for a new home. In order to do that, we must limit our Intake to match our space and other resources. If our shelter is full, your pet may be placed on a waiting list. Wait times can be a few days or a few weeks.

Before you bring your cat to us, please try the following:

1. Create a flyer and include the following:

  • Describe the appearance, size, and age of your cat
  • Include your cat’s name and a photograph (see tips below)
  • If your cat is spayed/neutered, include that information (if not s/n consider having that done)
  • Describe your cat’s personality and appealing qualities
  • Explain any limitations, for example, not good with children or other cats
  • Include your contact information and the times you can be reached

Once your flyers are made, post them throughout your community – places where a good adopter might see them. Ask veterinarians’ offices, pet supply stores, workplaces for your family & friends, health food stores, supermarkets, libraries, churches & health clubs. Sometimes there are community bulletin boards where you can post flyers.

Tips for Good Photographs of Your Cat:

  • Use a good quality colour photo with background contrasting to your pet, highlighting best features
  • The photo should be simple and clear without a lot of background distractions
  • Make sure your pet is calm and relaxed so it doesn’t appear your cat is anxious
  • The photo should have your cat’s eyes in focus

2. Contact breed rescue groups

  • If your cat is a specific breed a rescue group might have a list of people looking for your breed
  • You might be able to act as a foster for the group and so get referrals

3. Place a classified in the local paper

  • Be creative when you write the ad (see samples below)
  • Though you want to make your cat as appealing as possible, do tell the truth

Sample Classified Ads:

Persian with cattitude! She’s gorgeous and she knows it. Tovah loves to sit on laps and be petted. She would prefer a home where she is the only cat. Spayed and up to date on her shots. Please contact XXXX between XXXX at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Twinkie is a loyal and playful companion. He is a handsome orange tabby, 3 years old, neutered and up to date on his shots. An adult only home would be best for him. Please call XXXX at XXX-XXX-XXXX during evenings after XXXX.

4. Questions to ask potential adopters:

  • Have you had a cat before? If yes, what happened to it?
  • Do you own or rent? If rents, Do you know the pet policy/have permission to own a cat?
  • Will she/he be an inside cat?

5. The adoption

  • If possible, drop your cat off at its new home so you can see where she/he will be living
  • Provide all relevant veterinary records, vaccination certificates, and microchipping forms
  • Offer to take your cat back if it doesn’t work out.

Care to Re-Home

If your cat is not spayed/neutered, on the WHS surrender waiting list, and you’ve found a new home for the pet you qualify for the Care to Re-Home program. If you put your pet on the WHS surrender waiting list, but find a home for the pet during that time you qualify to have the pet spayed/neutered for $25.