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DisclaimerThe following is a resource list of rescues in Manitoba that work independently of the WHS. This list is not a recommendation from the Winnipeg Humane Society. It is just a list of animal shelters in Manitoba. Please contact each individual rescue for information on its practices. Questions you can ask include:

  • Do you have a foster home available to keep my pet? If not, how will he/she be kept?
  • Tell me about your adoption process – how do you choose a home for my pet?
  • Will my pet receive necessary veterinary care and be spayed or neutered before adopted?
  • What happens if the adoption doesn’t work out? Would you take back my pet? If not, why?

This is not a complete list of animal rescues in Manitoba. If you would like your organization listed, please e-mail us.

Please don’t forget to change any identification (tattoo, microchip, tags or city licenses) for your pet into the new owner’s name, address, phone number, and emergency contact info.

List of dog shelters and rescues in Manitoba

Anishinabe Sunset Country Animal Rescue –  204-367-6988 (Powerview/Pine Falls/Sagkeeng, MB)

Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue – 204-295-0955

Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern

Brandon Humane Society – 204-728-1333 (Brandon, MB and surrounding areas)

CAARE Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Efforts

City of Winnipeg Animal Services – 311

Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue and Rehabilitation Refer to website

D’Arcy’s A.R.C – 204-888-2266

Earthdog Terrier Rescue –

East Beaches Animal Shelter – 204-756-2319

Free and Alive Rescue (Small dog rescue)

Funds for Furry Friends – 204-573-8333

Funds for Pets Rescue – 204-782-6440

Gimli Humane Society  – Refer to website (Gimli, MB and surrounding areas)

Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue –

Jenn’s Furry Friends Rescue –

Lab Rescue Manitoba – 204-757-9397

Manitoba All Shepherd

Manitoba Great Pyrenees or 204-771-8045


Manitoba Pitbull Connections – Refer to Facebook page

Manitoba Pug or 204-282-7583

Manitoba Underdogs – Refer to website

Norway House Animal Rescue – (Norway House, MB)

Parkland Humane Society (Dauphin, MB and surrounding areas)

Penny’s All Breed Rescue – 204-509-5432

Portage Animal Shelter – 204-857-8900

Portage Animal Welfare Society Inc (PAWS) – 204-857-7297 (Portage La Prairie, MB and surrounding areas)

Rural Animal Management Services – 204-223-5521

Safe Haven Pet Rescue – 204-422-9070

Save A Dog Network – 204-899-5809 (First Nations communities only)

Sioux Valley, Birdtail Sioux & Canupawakpa Animal Rescue Network – Refer to Facebook page

Spirit of Hope

Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue Inc – Refer to website (Steinbach MB, and surrounding areas)

Thompson Humane Society – 204-778-3513 (Thompson, MB and surrounding areas)

Virden Pet Network – 204-748-6677 (Virden, MB and surrounding areas)

Winnipeg Boxer Rescue – 204-228-5031

Winnipeg Giant Breed Rescue –

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter – 204-832-7387