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Pet Grooming Tips

Keep your pet clean and content, in five easy steps!

1. Brush your pet every day

Brushing will keep their hair in good, clean condition while spreading natural oils throughout their coat. It also makes them look better and provides valuable bonding time for you and your pet! Another perk of brushing your pet daily is the reduction of pet hair in the home.

2. Trim your pet’s nails frequently

There are a variety of animal nail-clippers available. If you are uncomfortable with trimming your pet’s nails yourself, your vet or groomer should be able to do it at a fairly low cost.

3. Check your pet’s ears on a regular basis

Check for signs of infection that can lead to hearing loss. The skin inside the ears should be pale pink. If there is a foul odour, unusual or excessive discharge, redness or brown/black skin, see your veterinarian.

4. Clean your pet’s teeth

Pets get cavities, too, so don’t forget to clean your pet’s teeth with pet toothpaste or give them special dental chews.

5. Bathe your pet

Give your pet a bath no more than once a month, but often enough to keep your furry companion free of dirt, fur-mats and foul odours. Remember to use shampoo that is specially formulated for your pet.

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