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Dog Activities

Here are some great activities you can share with your dog. You’ll have fun — and you’ll both learn something new!

Dog Agility

A fun dog sport in which owners direct their dogs through a series of obstacles such as tunnels, jumps and ramps. Depending on the competition, dogs are scored on how many faults occur during their run, such as knocking down a bar or missing an obstacle.


A relay sport in which teams of dogs race over hurdles to a tennis ball that is released from a spring loaded box and return it to their owners. The fastest team in the world can complete the whole relay in just 14.86 seconds!

Disc Dogs

Dogs and their handlers compete by throwing and catching a flying disc. Shorter distance throws may be judged on how many discs can be caught in one minute. This sport is fun to practice with friends, in your backyard or at the off-leash park.


A cross-country skier is pulled by a dog who is hooked up to a harness. If more than one dog is participating, the dogs are connected to each other. The dogs must be highly motivated to run and must respond to verbal direction from the skier.

Dock Diving

Dogs run off a dock and jump into a pool of water.  The dog who can jump the farthest into the pool are declared the winners. Owners generally toss a toy into the water to motivate their dogs to jump as far as they can.

Rally Obedience

Owners take their dogs through a course of stations and must perform the designated action. If a dog makes a mistake, points will be deducted, while bonus points are awarded to dogs who complete optional activities.


Tracking means you train your dog to find certain objects though scent. If your dog is a natural retriever, you can train them to retrieve certain objects for you, mimicking a bird hunt.


Sheep herding trials test a dog’s ability to herd sheep around a field, through gates or into an enclosure. Teams are scored on time and efficiency. Marks may be deducted if sheep move outside of the course area.


Dogs and owners perform routines that involve obedience commands, tricks and even some dance moves! Judging and rules will vary depending on the group that is hosting a competition. None the less, the routines are certainly entertaining!

Canine Good Citizen

This test deems dogs safe and reliable members of the community. The ten step test includes a dog’s ability to accept a friendly stranger, walk nicely on a leash, perform basic commands and be polite towards other dogs.


Playgroups, dog parks, clubs and training classes are fun ways to socialize your dog spend time with people who share your interest in canines. Get your friends out for a group walk or take a stroll in an off-leash park. They’ll thank you for it!