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WHS Drop-In Center

We are excited to announce our first ever, WHS Drop-In Center!

Our WHS Drop-In Center is perfect for those of you looking for a safe, clean environment to drop off your child while heading into the office, taking a break from homeschooling, running errands, you name it! While your child is here with us, we will be facilitating crafts, games & activities, lesson plans revolving around animal care and welfare, and animal interaction to keep them engaged. We have also set aside some space for those looking to catch up on their school work. Consider it to be a safe and fun filled Day Camp for your child!

With the recent pandemic, we know it can be challenging on many levels.  The WHS is proud to announce that we successfully facilitated 8 weekly Kid Camps throughout the months of July and August with cleaning and sanitization protocols in place to keep everyone safe while learning about animals, empathy, and having the opportunity to safely engage with other youth.

Our Drop-In Center is meant to allow for a safe environment for everyone to have fun and learn more!

Drop-In Center Hours and Locations:

(January 2021 – June 2021)

  • Mondays

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Joyce Gauthier Center) *10 Spots Available

  • Wednesdays

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Joyce Gauthier Center) *10 Spots Available

  • Fridays

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Joyce Gauthier Center) *10 Spots Available


The Drop-In Center fee is $30, however if you are a Kidz Club Member you get 50% off!

Please be sure to book 48 hours in advance to secure your spot.

We have taken all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy while in our facility.


Sanitizing & Disinfecting

  1. At the beginning of drop-in time, children will be taught the correct hand washing procedures.
  2. We will be implementing hand washing/sanitizing breaks after every activity, game, or craft.
  3. Hand washing will be enforced before and after any bathroom breaks.
  4. All Staff will have Hand Sanitizer on their person for every child’s use.
  5. Staff will disinfectant before and after use of any surface such as tables, desks, chairs, floor mats, balls, pencils/markers/crayons, board games, etc. using disinfectant sprays or wipes of 60% or more.
  6. There will always be a designated staff that will look to disinfect all doorway handles, light switches, faucets & sinks, microwave, and all office surfaces (desks, keyboard, mouse, telephones, shelves, etc.) every morning and at the end of every day.

Limiting the Spread

  1. At the beginning of every drop-in time, children will be taught how to cover their cough with the inside of the elbow.
  2. Children will be instructed to not touch their faces if they do so they will need to wash or sanitize their hands again.
  3. We will be limiting the games where children are required to come into close contact with one another.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

  1. Children are asked to not come if they had a fever in the last 24 hours.
  2. We will carefully monitor children. Anyone who displays symptoms such as coughing and shortage of breath, seems sluggish, or is complaining that they do not feel well, their main contact will be called, and we will request immediate pick up.
  3. Social distancing measures will be put in place for all individuals entering the shelter and for the youth participating in the drop-in center. Masks will be mandatory for all youth, staff, and volunteers.
  4. All our Education Programs follow the Infection Control Guidelines for Early Learning and Child Care mandated by the Manitoba government. Link: https://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/childcare/resources/pubs/infection_control.pdf



What will my child be doing while in your care?

We have a craft, game, activity and animal interaction planned for every day.

What is the age limit?

The drop-in center is limited to ages 5 to 16.

Will my child get to meet an animal?

Yes! We will have time set aside every drop-in day for an animal to come and visit with the kids.

*All interactions are subject to the shelter having suitable animals that have been cleared by our Behavior team.

Can I send food with my child?

Yes, we just ask that when sending food that it be nut-free and that children are not to share any of their food or drinks.

Will my child be required to wear a mask?

Children Grades 4 and up will be required to wear a mask. Children Grades 3 and under will be required to social distance.

How do you determine your capacity and protocols for your Drop-In Center?

The capacity of our Joyce Gauthier Center is 50 people. However, we ensure that on a regular basis we are following the Current State of Emergency and Public Health Orders declared by the Manitoba government. Our WHS Drop-In Center falls within the Childcare and Day camp orders under the public health act.



Child care centres and child care homes may open and provide care to children in accordance with The Community Child Care Standards Act.



Day camps for children may open if (a) the maximum size of a group of campers is 50 and no joint activities between groups take place; and (b) campers bring their own food and beverages or all food and beverages served at the camp are individually packaged.


How do I book a spot?

If you have any further questions, please contact the WHS Education Team at 204-982-2046 or email us.