You can be a hero for Luna! | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Luna went missing for a month, only to find her self in a life-threatening predicament!

Luna is an adventurous cat who loved to wander. But after escaping outside and getting lost, she found herself in a horribly painful and near-fatal situation.

When Luna was found a month after she went missing, something wasn’t right. Her owners had placed a puppy collar on her before she escaped. But when she returned, she had grown quite a bit and the collar embedded dangerously into her neck. Her owners quickly cut the collar and found a deep wound. Luna was surrendered to the WHS so that we could save her.

The WHS Clinic team acted quickly to repair the devastating wound. The collar had cut through multiple layers of muscle and Luna had been scratching at the wound causing further damage. The wound was cleaned and sealed before it became infected, or worse, fatal.

After a few weeks, and a lot of bandages, Luna was healthy and ready to continue her journey. You can see from the image above that Luna was left with quite the scar, and luckily, a story that she can carry with her for the rest of her life. Luna has since been adopted and is now living a collar-less and comfortable life with her new forever family. She enjoys lounging in the sun with her sister Katja (who was adopted on the same day).

As the year draws to an end, please consider a donation to the WHS so that we can continue to give animals like Luna a second chance at happiness. Your generosity will help us save more animals, protect them from suffering, and promote their welfare and dignity. We are in urgent need of $60,000 before the end of the year, to help the hundreds of animals that will come through our doors over the next few months.

Your generosity makes all the difference to our shelter animals. Every animal in our care has the same silent plea: “Your help is my survival”. Please be a hero once again for those in our care by donating to animals in need here. We hope you’ll also celebrate your support on social media with the hashtags #WinnipegHumaneSociety and #WHSHeroes.