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WHS New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us take the change in our calendar year to pencil in resolutions for the next 12 months. At the WHS, we also use the time to reflect upon our achievements and set the course for the future, as we move onwards and upwards. But we have come up with our list with a bit of a twist: YOU are actually the one helping us draft it!

Every summer we conduct a comprehensive community consultation process. We carefully heard your feedback and wishes, and we’ve put together some pretty big resolutions going into the new year, that we’ll need your help to accomplish. Want to be a WHS Hero? Donate today to help us carry out our New Year resolutions!

  1. Save more animals
    Our overall mission is to save animals and promote their welfare. In the past three years, our euthanasia rates have dropped 62% and we are always working to lower that number. One of the ways we can do that is having animals in our shelter for shorter amounts of time before they find a forever home. Reducing length of stay means we have more space to help other animals. We also want to help animals before they have to be brought in, by educating people on animal welfare and helping pet owners take proper care of their animals.
  2. Meet people and their animals where they are
    We know how hard it can be if you don’t have the right resources to help you with your animal. That is why the Winnipeg Humane Society has implemented an outreach program that assists owners in Winnipeg by providing low cost spay and neuters. We want to keep doing this in 2019 and expand even more, including now assisting those struggling with behaviour issues with their pets.
    As well, we want to help people outside the city to get the animal care they need. There needs to be more clinics in less-populated areas of our Province, and with the help of many local rescues and local veterinarians, we hope in 2019 we can strive towards more accessible animal health care in remote areas of the province. Every pet, no matter where they live, should receive the best possible care.
  3. Promote welfare and empathy towards ALL animals
    We want every kind of animal to be treated with dignity and respect – that means, domestic pets, farm animals and wild animals. The life of many animals in the farming industry, especially in large factory farms, does not allow for the enrichment and the quality of life every sentient being is entitled to.  Transportation of animals in Canada is done without considering temperature, water and food needs, and proper space for animals to be comfortable. There is needless suffering and extensive transportation, which needs to stop right now. In 2019 we want to foster a relationship and understanding with both the consumers and producers within the meat industry, to work towards a more humane and ethical treatment of these animals. We support local, small-scale farmers who work very hard to keep their animals happy.
    To show our support to these local farmers, we must engage  the community within the industry and  government to drive the importance of humane and local farms. Starting the conversation on the way we consume food and where it comes from can also lead us to look at more plant-based diets – which we began educating on in 2018 with our #MeatlessMonday blog posts and ongoing support of VegFest. This year we will expand those efforts.

The WHS is a non-government, fully independent organization. We pay our bills thanks to donors and supporters like you. Thank you for your help and donations in 2018 – we hope to continue to earn your trust in 2019 and for you to consider helping us reach the community’s New Year resolutions.