WHS Education Corner: We’re ready to go ‘back to school’ | Winnipeg Humane Society
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It’s that time of year again, when our focus changes to all things “back to school.”  Did you know about the engaging presentations offered through the Education department at the Winnipeg Humane Society?

The WHS education program has been created by qualified teachers and an animal welfare committee. Our educators visit your classroom and provide and engaging and interactive presentation to foster animal safety, responsible pet care and animal welfare.  It’s a chance to connect with the next generation of humane leaders and nurture a responsible, empathetic attitude towards animals.

There a variety of presentations geared to your classroom’s age group, covering the early years, middle and on to senior.  Regardless of the grade level, WHS in Your School will be there to encourage and educate.  All presentations and content are aligned with the current curriculum core competencies and themes. See! Learning can be fun!

Our Dog Ambassadors are always excited to come and meet new friends to help them learn about dog safety, animal habitats, or maybe how weather affects animals.  These and other programs are offered through the WHS In Your School program.

Consider having the WHS Education team come out to your school today. For more information on the programs offered through WHS In Your School, please see our  Teacher’s Guide.

For any questions or to book a WHS in Your School presentation, please visit our website or contact us at 204-982-2046.

We look forward to visiting your school!


The WHS Education Team