WHS Education Corner: Pet Empathy | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Animals are an amazing way to teach empathy and kindness.

If you grew up with a pet, undoubtedly you have many amazing memories of that time. Something about the uncomplicated love between animal and human makes everyone involved feel good.

Nothing stops a room, especially a classroom, faster than having a dog walk in with its purple WHS Dog Ambassador bandanna. Our Behaviour assessed dogs are the lead attraction in this show.

What do we need to be happy and healthy? What do our animals need to be happy and healthy? It is interesting to see the similarities between us and our furry counterparts.

Our Pet Empathy Program is a unique experience in which students interact with a Winnipeg Humane Society Dog Ambassador with the goal of fostering a better understanding of empathy towards animals and people. There are six specialized lessons that can be taken consecutively or individually. This is an excellent resource for students who could benefit from sessions focusing on topics such as basic and emotional needs, personal space, conflict, stress, self care, and loss.

It is rewarding to see the impact that Pet Empathy programs have on the student, classroom and community.The students are always eager to share their stories about their pet or an experience they may have had.

You can find more information about the Pet Empathy Program in our Education Program Guide. To schedule your sessions, please visit our website or call 204-982-1525. We look forward to visiting your classroom.