WHS Education Corner: Kid Camps Encourage Next Generation of Animal Advocacy | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Young campers learn about the importance of bees.

By: Richard Milbourne, Assistant Manager, Education

When most people think of the Winnipeg Humane Society they think of cats and dogs. Its true that day to day, cats and dogs take up a large chunk of our time and resources. However, there is so much more than that! Part of working at the Winnipeg Humane Society is being an advocate for all animals; farm animals, exotic animals, and wild animals. It is hugely important to us to be a voice for ALL animals.

Throughout our summer kid camps, we take time to teach our campers about animal welfare in a fun and entertaining environment. We call our campers ‘tomorrow’s humane leaders’ and it is vital that we develop empathy towards animals from a young age.

At camp, we have different themed days which focus on different animal issues. For example; Pet Day focuses on all the requirements of being a good pet parent, we discuss how to look after the pets that we have at shelter and focus on some issues such as spaying/neutering, licensing and what your pet needs to be happy and healthy. We even visit the clinic to the see our vet team and observe a spay/neuter surgery, it’s always something that our campers remember!

We also host a Farm Animal Day which focuses on several issues to do with modern farming methods. We look at factory farming, the welfare of farm animals and what we can do to help, such as changing our eating habits and buying from responsible producers.

Our Wild Animal Day focuses on certain topics such as; loss of habitat (similar to what has been happening with our bee population), hunting/fishing, human interaction with wild animals and how to help injured animals.

Last, we have a day that looks at the issue surrounding exotic animals as pets.

All these learning outcomes take place in a fun, activity-based setting. We have guests come to visit the camp and talk to the campers about some of the issues regarding animal welfare. We also have guests come in and do fun demonstrations such as dog agility, K9 Boarder Services Agency and Wildlife Haven to name just a few.

By educating our young campers, we are laying the foundation for a generation of more considerate, empathetic animal advocates.

There are still spaces available at the WHS Kid Camps this summer! Visit our website or call 204-982-2046 to find out more information and to register.