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Individual Volunteer Vacancies

We welcome you to explore being a part of the Winnipeg Humane Society Volunteer Crew and the exciting initiatives that our teams are working on. 

Current Vacancies

Vacancies within our teams will be updated on a monthly basis.

Behaviour (dogs) Team
Dog Obedience Program Assistant

Education Team
Kidz Drop-In Center Volunteer

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  • To place animals in a responsible and loving permanent home.
  • To find appropriate placements for all animals needing homes.
  • To effectively promote animals available for adoption.
  • To provide information, support, and referral services on a variety of animal- related issues.
  • To generate revenue through retail sales of products and services.


Adoption Maintenance Assistant

Assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the adoption department; animal rooms, condo/caged areas and working stations to make it more appealing for visitors.

Adoption Satellite Assistant

Maintain the cleanliness of the animal rooms, condo/caged areas and working stations. Put together paperwork, supplies for animals, prepare cats physically (cages) for transportation.

Adoption Team Assistant

Assist with scanning, filing, photocopying, putting together packages for adoptions.

Cat Condo or Kitty Kat Way Assistant

Help us provide better customer service to our clients to facilitate successful cat adoptions; promote disease control to visitors, hand out surveys and once approved, assist clients with cat selection.

Customer Service Ambassador

First point of contact to visitors who enter the shelter; welcome & greet, direct to appropriate department, answer questions, acknowledge donations.

Customer Service Assistant

Support operations of the reception desk provide top notch customer service to answer inquiries.

Dog Pod Assistant

Provide better customer service to our clients; promote disease control to visitors, hand out surveys and assist clients with dog selection.

Dog Walker

Provide dogs in adoption with the opportunity to have exercise and a break away from the shelter environment.

Follow-up Assistant

Contact client (adopter) to see how things are going with their newly acquired companion animal.

Pet Shop Assistant

Help to ensure smooth operation of pet shop (formerly called “gift shop”); provide excellent customer service, assist in the selling of retail merchandise.

Rabbit Wrangler

Provide socialization opportunity to shelter rabbits and small critters to maintain their overall mental health.

Quiet Time Volunteer

Teach dogs the ability to relax in their adoption rooms, in the presence of a human, and help relieve kennel stress.



  • Provide all animals within the shelter with exemplary care while in The Winnipeg Humane Society facility.


Animal Care Attendant

Assist with providing quality animal care to cats in the shelter; including cleaning and feeding.

Evening Care Attendant

Assist with the second cat feeding during the evening hours.

Volunteer Supplies Driver

Pick up supply donations from members in the community.


  • Receive stray and owned animals into the care of the Society.
  • Reunite lost animals with their owners.
  • Receive wildlife for either euthanasia or transfer out for rehabilitation.
  • Maintain central registry of animal identification tattoos.
  • Facilitate alternative placement options for animals that cannot be accommodated by the Society.
  • Provide education and support to individuals regarding responsible pet ownership to improve their ability to provide appropriate care for their pets, in person and over the phone.
  • Provide information, support, referrals and other animal-related services to clients in the community.
  • Secure the outsource placement of sick, injured, nursing or orphaned animals within 1-2 days.
  • Maintenance for the WHS facility.


Animal Intake Assistant

Assist with tasks such as: setting up kennels, weighing & de-worming animals, following up on lost & found reports.

Foster Assistant

Assist with the preparation of animals and supplies going into or returning from a foster care parent.

Gardener / Snow Shoveler

Assist with the overall appearance of the shelter grounds by gardening or shoveling snow.

Shelter Assistant

Provide assistance with laundry, cleaning litter boxes, washing dishes and brushes.

Shelter Supply Organizer

Provide assistance to our shelter clerk to keep on top of donated items.


  • Through our work and assessment activities, provide information about the individual felines that will help identify the best home and support for that feline.
  • Support the health and wellness of the felines in shelter care through socialization and enrichment activities.
  • Utilize Behaviour Modification to improve the social behaviour of the cats in our care to promote the best live outcome.


Cat Assessor

Perform cat assessments in order to determine a ‘feline-ality’.

Cat Enrichment Volunteer

Provide a variety of mental and physical activities combined with enough rest to achieve a good balance for the cats being housed in isolation or adoption areas.

Cat Behaviour Program Assistant

Assist with the organization of enrichment programs; preparation of boxes for each cat in adoption, make cat toys, cat grass, stuff kongs and make dog snuffle mats.

Feline Behaviour Assistant

Facilitate and work towards the improvement of cats’ behaviour within the shelter (adoption or backstage); work one-on-one with a cat using behaviour modification techniques.

Four on the Floor Volunteer

Socialization opportunity with a cat for individual that may have a mental or physical challenge.


  • Review programs and adjust as necessary.
  • Continue to revamp training programs for volunteers.
  • Identify methods to educate pet owners regarding common pet behaviour problems.


Canine Behaviour Assistant

Help to improve adoptability outcomes of shelter animals by assisting with existing behaviour modification plans and monitoring mental welfare. Supervise and mentor Dog Enrichment Volunteers.

Dog Enrichment Volunteer

Provide exercise and enrichment opportunities for dogs in the backstage area through interaction in the yards, and walks.

Dog Obedience Program Assistant

Provide support to the dog obedience instructor to successfully facilitate the class.


  • Provide exemplary veterinary care to all animals in the care of The Winnipeg Humane Society.
  • To provide spay & neuter services to animals in need in the community.


Surgery Assistant

To assist the clinic in with the spay and neuter surgeries as well as some specialty and orthopedic surgeries.

Surgery Kennel Volunteer

To assist vet staff with treatments of in house animals.

Vet Treatment Assistant

To prepare the clinic for new animals to arrive and prep for next day surgery.

Volunteer Animal Driver

Provide transportation for animals arriving from northern communities from Winnipeg Airport (via Calm Air or Perimeter) to Winnipeg Humane Society’s animal shelter; assist staff with booking in the animal.


  • Educate and reach all age demographics on the work that the WHS does and our different services.
  • Develop relationship with community members to educate and increase the number of cats being fixed.
  • Provide care and promote animals for adoption at off site locations.
  • Keep all animals; exotic, farm and wildlife in the forefront of our organization.


Animal Compassion Team

Support and organize free monthly speaker series in the Joyce Gauthier Center on a variety of animal welfare topics, holds information tables and public events, and lobbies for stricter provincial and federal legislation for animals.

Community Cat Liaison

Promote and educate community target of the importance and opportunity to spay & neuter cats; community festivals, BBQ, etc.

Community Cat Transporter

Provide transportation from/to individual’s home to Winnipeg Humane Society’s animal shelter for low cost spay & neuter of cat(s).

Petsmart Volunteer (Empress, Kenaston, Leila, Regent locations)

Provide care and attention to cats waiting for adoption at off site location.

Remote Canine Handler

Promote the adoption of a dog puppy at off-site adoption promotion events.


Fundraise in support of the operations and programs of The Winnipeg Humane Society.

  • Provide various giving options that meet the requirements and desires of donors.
  • Effectively recognize and thank donors for their contributions.
  • Communicate the ongoing needs of the Society to supporters and the community.
  • Maintain donor database and issue tax receipts according to criteria prescribed by CRA.


Dog Ambassador Team

Team up with your dog, help promote the programs and services at special events.

Cans for Critters Collector

Help collect, distribute and monitor donations cans through the city Coins For Critters Program.

Third Party Special Events

Participate in third party events such as garage sales, BBQs, car washes to help raise funds for the shelter.

1001 Donations Event

A telethon and radio-a-thon held annually in March that educates the public on what the WHS does for the community and raises necessary funds for its operations.

Paws in Motion

Annual pet walk and run that takes place in Assiniboine Park in June to support the efforts of a spay and neuter program.

Bow Wow Ball

A fund raising themed gala dinner and dance held annually in October to support the WHS.

Paws for the Season

Craft and bake sale held in December to celebrate the holiday season and raise funds for the shelter animals.


  • Educate the general public on the work that the WHS does, our different services, and especially our Education Programs.
  • Deliver educational presentations regarding animal empathy and welfare to schools, tour & field trip groups, and kid camps.
  • Coordinate the See Spot Read program which enhances children’s reading skills by allowing them a judgement free space to read to dogs.
  • Ensure that Birthday Party parents and children receive a fun and educational experience.


Birthday Party Assistant

Craft and bake sale held in December to celebrate the holiday season and raise funds for the shelter animals.

Dog Team Ambassador

Team up with your dog and participate in our many programs such as; Birthday Parties, Tours & Field Trips, WHS In Your School, See Spot Read, and Kid Camp by providing children with the opportunity to interact with a dog.

Education Tour Assistant

Assist with hosting an educational tour for student groups; help with set up and tear down, reinforce messages incorporated in the tour, oversee small groups of tour participants, support education staff to manage group.

Kidz Drop-In Center Volunteer

Provide youth (5-16 years) with a safe place to catch up on some homework, learn more about the WHS through education, crafts, and activities. Assist in preparing crafts, organizing games, replenish supplies, assist with small group activities including animal interactions. Availability: 8:00am – 4:00pm weekdays.

See Spot Read Volunteer

Engage children in planned activities and reading for the See Spot Read Program that runs for 10 week periods in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Volunteer Educator

Educate students on curriculum linked topics focusing on Animal Empathy, Safety, and Welfare.


  • Outline your goals for the purpose of this program (i.e. spay & neuters).
  • Increase community health and safety.
  • Provide high quality, local veterinary care to owners living in areas where resources are lacking in remote communities.
  • Provide education on pet safety and care.
  • Decrease unnecessary animal suffering and unwanted animals.

Note: Travel to northern communities will be required (1-3 days) with accommodations provided.

Please complete this volunteer application form for REMOTE CLINIC TEAM volunteer opportunities only.


Clinic Intake Assistant

The Clinic Intake Volunteer will support the Remote Spay & Neuter Clinic Team to provide a high level of service to clients and patients.

Recovery Assistant

The Recovery Assistant will support the Remote Spay & Neuter Clinic Team with providing comfort and clinical support to animals pre-operative and post recovery.

Registered Veterinary Technician

The Registered Veterinary Technician will support the Remote Spay & Neuter Clinic Team with patient care and surgery preparation and assistance;

Surgery Pack Specialist

The Surgery Pack Specialist will support the Remote Spay & Neuter Clinic Team with sterilization and organization of surgery instruments, uniforms and packs.

Vet Assistant

The Vet Assistant will support the Remote Spay & Neuter Clinic Team with providing comfort and clinical support to animals pre-operative and post recovery.


The Veterinarian will lead the Remote Spay & Neuter Clinic Team to provide the best possible care to patients.

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