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Do you know what to do if you’ve found a lost pet? Continue reading to learn more about how to help a lost pet in need.


  • File a report with the Winnipeg Humane Society by calling the Lost & Found Department at 204-982-2025. It is important to remember that you must call this line first before bringing a pet to the Winnipeg Humane Society.
  • The WHS currently has a waiting list for the intake of dogs and will not be able to receive stray dogs. If you have found a stray dog in the city of Winnipeg, please take it to the City of Winnipeg Animal Services Agency. If you have a stray dog found out of the city of Winnipeg, contact your Municipal Animal Control Office. We accept strays from outside of the city only on our waitlist.
  • Let social media groups dedicated to reuniting lost pets know of the found pet:

Care to Adopt:

Do you want to keep a stray you find?

  • We will check for ID and search lost reports
  • Take the cat home and help us look for an owner
  • If unclaimed after 5 to 14 days, you can adopt the cat
  • Cost? $35 (plus applicable taxes) for spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, and City of Winnipeg licence

Care to Foster:

Can you take care of the cat until we have space?

  • You temporarily take the cat home
  • We provide everything you need to take care of kitty
  • Kitty comes back when ready for Adoption

Care to Rehome:

  • Complete the surrender profile on our website to get your pet onto our wait list,
  • Find a home for your pet while waiting for shelter space
  • The pet’s new owner can use the WHS Clinic for low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, City of Winnipeg licence. Cost? $35 (plus applicable taxes)