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See Spot Read

Dogs are proven to provide a judgment-free safe space for students to develop confidence in their reading and comprehension skills.

See Spot Read is a dog therapy program that benefits children who have difficulty with their confidence when it comes to reading.  Dogs  are  proven  to  offer  a  judgment  free  safe  space  for  students  to  practice  their  reading  skills.  Children read aloud to St.  John Ambulance therapy dogs for 10-week sessions and participate in activities designed to boost their enjoyment of using literacy skills.

These sessions are offered for groups of 6 children at the Winnipeg Humane Society as well as the West Kildonan Library.  The  students  spend  half  of  the  hour  reading  and  the  other  half  doing  a  fun  literacy-based  activity.  When they participate at our shelter location, they also get to see what we do at the Winnipeg Humane Society to help animals.

We offer a unique and positive way for students to improve their reading skills, and it has been proven successful year after year.  Our goal is that the participants gain confidence as readers, build on their reading skills, and develop an active continuing interest in reading.

In addition, our experience is that this program impacts the students comfort levels around dogs and other animals and creates a humane connection between students and pets.    Creating this bond is one of our key strategic goals; “To be a strong voice for the humane and compassionate treatment towards ALL animals (farm, exotics, and domestic pets).”  Creating this bond in our program will extend into the students’ everyday lives, creating humane animal advocates and fantastic pet parents for the future.

Groups can register for upcoming sessions by clicking the button below.

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