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What is Black Dog Syndrome?

It’s not a problem with black dogs, but with the people who discriminate against them. Black dogs are usually the last to get adopted, and it’s not for fair reasons. Old superstitions play a part. Some believe black dogs are more aggressive. Some say dimly lit shelters are to blame.

Whatever the reason, when you adopt one of our black dogs, you will automatically become a member of The WHS Black Dog Club. When you show your membership card, you will receive 10% off everything* in The WHS Gift Shop, with no expiry.

*With the exception of food, litter, and sales items.

Are only pure black dogs allowed in the Black Dog Club?

Any black dogs with a 75% or mostly black coat can be a member of The WHS Black Dog Club. If you feel you have a black dog who deserves to be a member of The WHS Black Dog Club, you are more than welcome to join.

What if I already have a black dog?

Attend one of our Black Dog Club Meet and Greets with your black dog, or stop by The WHS with your dog (or with a photo of you with your dog), sign up, and you will receive a membership card and a member number. You will receive 10% off* at The WHS gift shop when you show your Black Dog Club membership card (with the exception of food, litter and sale items).


Email us a picture of your black dog! We will stamp it with The WHS Black Dog Club logo and post it on our Black Dog Club Members photo gallery  for all to enjoy. Please don’t forget to tell us your dog’s name so we can include it with your picture!

 Member Photos   Event Photos

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