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Our Top Ten Instagram Moments of 2018

One of our favourite things is getting the chance to share the stories of the animals who come through our doors. Looking back on this last year we had so many cuties to share with you, here are the top ten Instagram photos from 2018!

#10. Bill won our hearts the second he walked in, and clearly, he won yours as well. He arrived at the shelter in rough shape but was a trouper from the get-go and sat nicely while he was being treated.


#9. Rooibos came in at only 11 weeks old and was quite the charmer. His cute little face was one of the highlights of our summer.


#8. Guido slid into our heart’s paws first. He arrived at the shelter last January and with his timid nature needed to have a home where he could be relaxed. This seven-year-old cutie couldn’t have found a home without you guys!


#7. Charlie was sleeping when his chance at Instagram stardom came around, we asked for a pose and got this. Maybe not runway ready anytime soon but definitely an up and comer.


#6. Cinder was a rescue from a house fire this past November, he came in with some pretty bad injuries, but the little guy fought hard and with the help of our fantastic team he was able to recover and was adopted by the rescuing paramedic. Cinder’s resilience was an inspiration to us this past year.


#5. Mila the four-year-old Mastiff mix came to us last spring as a shy girl but warmed up to people once she got to know them. She stayed in the shelter over a month before being adopted out.


#4. Lily was a new mom to 10 puppies! We couldn’t get over her little bundle(s) of joy. Thanks to your support we were able to find a foster home to take in this sweet girl last minute.


#3. Gwen absolutely stunned us with those ice blue eyes and had the sweetest disposition. The five-year-old Husky was a favourite on our Instagram this last year!


#2. This smart boy, Rusty, made a surprise visit to us in November to drop off a $1000 donation with his owner George. We just had to grab a picture of this WHS superstar who became a therapy dog after his adoption years ago.


#1. And finally, our number one Instagram photo from 2018 is this adorable litter of kittens that melted our hearts online and in real life. (Look at their little noses, I mean come on – so cute!)