Kids Give Back: Holiday Pet Hampers | Winnipeg Humane Society
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The WHS is looking to engage kids and their families who wish to give back to the community. The reality is that there are animals in our community who go without the essentials or anything extra.

We’re holding an event for our young volunteers on November 17th that will be both fun and meaningful. Our goal is to develop 75 hampers that will include donations of pet food, treats, toys, and blankets to give to families in need with animals during the holiday season!

We can’t make this event successful without your help. We are looking for supplies to help make the Kids Give Back holiday project a success!

Please consider dropping off donations of the following items to 45 Hurst Way:

-Felt/fleece for pet toys

-Ziplock bags for pet food

-Rubbermaid bins





-Card stock


-Plastic tablecloths

-Candy canes