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WHS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and last-minute shopping can be difficult. So, we’ve made it easy to for you to shop for your furry friends or the animal lover in your life with WHS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

For the canine in your life

Man’s best friend can be hard to shop for if you don’t have somewhere to start. Here are a few nifty ideas that can be found at the WHS Gift Shop.

For something fun: All dogs are different, but one thing is for sure, they can’t get enough of Kong chew toys and treat dispensers. These rubber cones hold treats that your canine has to work to get at. It’s a great way to keep your dog occupied and allows them to snack throughout the day. They come in all different sizes, so you can get one for any breed of dog.

For something tasty: Of course, you can’t go wrong with a bag of yummy dog treats, our Cloud Start Chewy Tricky Trainers make a great little stocking stuffer and are a fantastic reward for good behaviour.

For something practical: How about a Pet First Aid Kit to have on hand for emergencies? Or if you’re little guy isn’t a fan of storms why not a Thundershirt to provide them some comfort?






For the feline in your life

We know of a few items that are just “the cat’s meow.”

For something fun: Get your cat moving around with a Mojo Maker Wand. This toy is interactive and fun for both owner and pet. Another option is one of our catnip balls. Instead of loose catnip this compressed catnip ball is safer for your cat to bite at and is the perfect thing to give them a little extra go.

For something tasty: Your cat can get a yummy snack while helping treat their teeth right with some Dental Treats. Some of the most common health issues in adult cats are dental, help them maintain their oral health while snacking on savoury salmon treats.

For something cozy: Treat your cat to a luxe mat to take naps on. Our Snoozzy Sleeper mats are non-skidding and can go in carriers, crates or on the floor to let your pet lay in comfort.