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Get a ‘helping paw’ from the Working Cat Program

Springtime brings the inevitability of critters resurfacing who have been dormant all winter, some who can wreak havoc on your barns or warehouses.

The Winnipeg Humane Society’s Working Cat program is a way for cats who aren’t suited as household pets to still find a safe home. Our Barn Buddies and Warehouse Cats (as we call them), are a great opportunity for you to give a cat a place to live and at the same time receive a “helping paw” with some pest control.

So, what makes a WHS cat better suited for our Working Cat program than a regular adoption? Well it can be a variety of reasons, the cats in this program can range from friendly to semi-feral and may have litter box or behavioural issues.

All the cats in this program are spayed or neutered. Because they have to be able to be caught – all of our Barn Buddies and Warehouse Cats have a level of sociability. The WHS gives them their vaccinations and a health check before sending them out on the job.

Before getting your Barn Buddy or Warehouse Cat, make sure you’re eligible to take care of them. Do you have the proper shelter for the cat? Are you able to feed it daily, and provide veterinary care should a problem arise? Are you able to help the cat acclimatize to its surroundings in the first few weeks?

You can indicate what you are looking for in a working cat on the WHS website when you fill out your form. You can say if you wouldn’t mind a shy less sociable cat or if you’d prefer a friendly outgoing cat. Because the range of cats the WHS has in this program, we can try to find the right cat for you.

When you first get your Barn Buddy or Warehouse Cat, they will need to get used to the new home. To prevent the cat from running away, it’s best to keep your cat somewhere they can’t escape for the first four weeks. Use this time to bond with them and once you are confident in your bond you can let your new employee have free range of the space knowing they’re on the job! Cats are much less likely to leave if they know there is food waiting for them at home, so make sure you feed them consistently. And don’t forget to check up on them at least once a week, to make sure they are healthy and uninjured.

If you’re interested in registering for Barn Buddies or Warehouse Cats, you can call (204) 988 – 8815 for more information or fill out an online form.