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Help Zora Recover!




Zora arrived at the WHS in mid-June and she did not come alone.

She had just given birth to nine beautiful puppies who are now available for adoption here at the shelter. Although all of her puppies are healthy, Zora is not.

Zora’s medical concerns are extensive. She’s tested Heartworm Positive and had to be cleaned up from a Wood Tick infestation. As well as being anemic and under fed, this poor girl was also suffering from intestinal worms.

Despite the countless health issues that Zora has, she is a very friendly dog who is happy and comfortable with human interaction. She is even happy to allow our staff to handle her pups. Zora is currently spending some time with a foster family as she has a lot of recovering to do. Her journey has been punishing but it is far from over.

Please help us fund Zora’s medical bills so that she too can get healthy and find a loving home.



RAISED: $2390

GOAL: $1500.00


  • lloyd hein 500.00
  • Wendy Murray 250.00
  • Anonymous 200.00
  • Sarah H 100.00
  • Noreen Stewart 100.00
  • Chris and Lia Penner & Abolit 100.00
  • In Memory of MAVERICK 100.00
  • Anonymous 75.00
  • Anonymous 50.00
  • Karen Sawatzky 50.00