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Remote Rescue Fundraiser

Help Us Rescue Dogs in Need!



This little guy is Sisqo.

He was rescued from a remote community in Manitoba and transported to us so we could treat his medical problems and find him a forever home. Sisqo is the perfect example of a common issue we deal with everyday at the Winnipeg Humane Society. He had a broken infected baby tooth due to some sort of trauma. The tooth was so infected that the swelling put pressure on his eyes causing them to weep uncontrollably. Our incredible team removed the tooth and treated all of Sisqo’s medical issues. He was recently adopted and is now in his forever home. The number of dogs that have come in to the shelter from remote communities is up roughly 33% from last year.

However, not all dogs are as lucky as Sisqo. There is a serious dog overpopulation issue in most remote communities in Manitoba. Remote communities are defined as any community that is a long distance from larger settlements or lacks transportation links that are typical in more populated areas.

The problem is ongoing and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. The dogs in these communities are often under fed and mistreated which causes them to form packs to survive. When packs are formed they can become aggressive and dangerous. Because of this, they are often seen as a threat which causes further mistreatment.

The Winnipeg Humane Society’s goal is to provide help to those dogs in need before it’s too late. One rescue at a time, regardless of the odds.

We currently rely on the animal rescues in these remote communities to cover the cost of transporting the dogs to us. These costs add up and many rescues can not afford to pay for the necessary transportation.

According to our Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Gina Bowen, there are really no restrictions on the amount of animals we can take in and help. So what is slowing us down? We lack the necessary funding to cover the transport of the animals and the medical care they require.

Average cost per rescue:

Air transportation to and from remote community (max cost): $120

Average veterinary cost per animal (minimum): $250

  • Includes spay/neuter, physical exam, vaccines, and deworming.
  • There are many other common complications like lice, mange, giardia, intestinal parasites (tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms), broken bones, and abscesses. Any of these issues will add additional costs.

Total cost: $370

Help us reach our goal to cover the rescue costs of 10-15 dogs!


RAISED: $5560

GOAL: $5000.00


  • Anonymous 1000.00
  • Anonymous 500.00
  • Greg Starr 449.00
  • Anonymous 300.00
  • Wendy Murray 250.00
  • Martin Minuk 250.00
  • Anonymous 200.00
  • Anonymous 200.00
  • Rob Shelton 110.00
  • Buster St. Godard 100.00