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Parvovirus Initiative

Help Kona Beat the Odds!



Kona arrived at the WHS with Parvovirus (Parvo). In a shelter environment, Parvo is extremely dangerous due to its contagious nature to puppies and the 90% mortality rate of untreated cases. In many shelters, Parvo is a death sentence.

Our Head of Veterinary Services, Dr. Gina Bowen, decided it was time to fight back. The WHS is now taking steps to quarantine and heal puppies with Parvo. This process is not easy. Infected puppies are secluded in quarantine rooms, staff must dress in full hazmat suits to enter the rooms, and socialization skills that the puppy would receive at a young age need to be made up for after the treatment. All of this extra work and still a large chance that the puppy doesn’t make it.

Although the Parvo treatment is taxing on the infected animal and the staff, seeing puppies like Kona leave the shelter with her new family makes it all worthwhile.

The WHS has already had multiple success stories due to our new process. However, innovative leaps like this come with extra cost.

  • Non-Parvo Dog: $30/Day
  • Parvo Dog: $130/Day

Every Parvo case is different. Some dogs clear the virus in a couple of days and others take over a month. Please help us raise $13,000 to cover 100 days of Parvo treatment.

For more information on our Parvovirus Initiative, read our CEO Blog.


RAISED: $12707

GOAL: $13000.00


  • Diane Welburn 1000.00
  • Stephanie Minuk 1000.00
  • Shelagh Hare 500.00
  • Sharon Cade 500.00
  • Diane Welburn 500.00
  • Anonymous 500.00
  • Rescued Hearts 450.00
  • Anonymous 340.00
  • Anonymous 300.00
  • Elizabeth Stepien 300.00