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Help Muppet Make It!




This scruffy looking fella is Muppet. He was brought in as a stray and had a lot of health issues relating to his uncleanliness. Here is a list of the treatments Muppet required:

  • His fur was extremely matted all over his body. This caused an anal gland infection and a skin infection. The medical staff clipped away the matted hair and treated the infections.
  • His ears were producing a dark brown discharge. His ears were cleaned and treated.
  • He had many broken teeth that were causing him immense pain. Many had to be removed.
  • He also suffered a major hip injury some point in his life, but thankfully he healed over time all by himself.

Despite the rough shape that Muppet showed up in, he is truly a friendly and personable dog. He is around 8 years old and is now awaiting his forever home. Please help us cover Muppet’s medical bills and stop by for a visit.



RAISED: $445

GOAL: $1000.00


  • Anonymous 200.00
  • Kaethe FH 50.00
  • Karen Vincett 50.00
  • Xenia Gonzalez 50.00
  • Krista Stevens 50.00
  • Y den Hoed 25.00
  • Anonymous 20.00