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Go Jett Go!




Jett arrived at the shelter in early-August because he was limping on his back legs. At first glance the clinic team noticed that Jett was in SERIOUS need of some grooming. His body was covered in hard mats of hair. The mats on all four limbs were hardened by urine, fecal matter, and debris. On arrival, only one paw was visible. The others were covered by hair. The mats were so large and stiff that they cut the blood circulation to the paws on his rear legs. The lack of blood flow had caused his paws to become swollen and infected. Jett also has serious gum disease which will likely lead to the extraction of all his teeth.

Since the mats of fur were so hard, Jett had to be sedated before the clinic team could start to groom him.

Jett is now clean and mat free (as you can see from the picture). You can already tell that he is a much happier boy. Jett is now in recovery and being evaluated for other health conditions.

Please help us fund Jett’s medical bills. He may be an older guy, but he has much more love to give.


RAISED: $1725

GOAL: $1200.00


  • Christine Goytan 500.00
  • Morgan Letwin 200.00
  • Anonymous 100.00
  • Margo/Zoë/Mia/Tim Kehler 100.00
  • Albina Moran 100.00
  • Anonymous 100.00
  • Elizabeth Lennox 100.00
  • Anonymous 50.00
  • Anonymous 50.00
  • Judith Kilgour 50.00