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Help Save Chevy’s Life!

Help Save Chevy's Life!



Meet Chevy. Our Investigations and Emergency Response Team received a desperate call for a cat stuck under a vehicle in a Walmart parking lot. Unfortunately, Chevy was likely taking cover from the cold when the vehicle was turned on and tragedy struck. Chevy’s back leg was degloved – this means that friction from a vehicle part (likely a fan belt) pulled off the skin. Despite the urgent care from our Clinic team here at the WHS, the damage to the leg was too severe and his leg could not be saved. Chevy is currently undergoing emergency surgery to have his leg amputated. He will then be monitored closely to ensure it does not become infected.

We are urging our community to please check your vehicle for cats, it’s that time of year when they are seeking shelter from the winter temperatures wherever they can. Here are some more tips:

  • Check under your hoods or under your vehicles (including tire wells).
  • Make noise or tap on the hood of the vehicle to shoo anything out.
  • Be aware of paw prints around the vehicle and take extra precautions.
  • If you live in an area that has a high population of stray cats, definitely keep your eyes and ears open around your vehicle.

If you would like to help cover the cost of Chevy’s emergency care, please donate today. Your generous gift will help towards Chevy’s second chance at life and a happy ending.


RAISED: $1000

GOAL: $1000.00


  • Marlene Wiebe 70.00
  • Emily Wiebe 60.00
  • Kathleen Vincent 60.00
  • Stephanie Niebel 60.00
  • LeAmber Kensley 50.00
  • Karen Boucher 50.00
  • Anonymous 50.00
  • Shirley Galloway 50.00
  • Lisa Dyck 40.00
  • Maegan Chartrand 30.00