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Bottle Baby Kittens

The kittens need your help!



The Winnipeg Humane Society is seeing an increase in the number of very young baby kittens, under 4 weeks old, coming into the shelter without mothers and we need to ensure they receive the care necessary to live without them.

Our foster department is expanding their bottle babies program and is in desperate need of supplies to ensure each kitten has the love they need to grow and be strong.

We are in need of 20 kitten friendly feeding bottles and 10 Miracle Nipples which attach onto a syringe that will allow us to measure each kitten’s food intake.

Help them today by making a life-changing gift.



RAISED: $1185

GOAL: $505.00


  • Tara J Kohinski 300.00
  • J Dubois 250.00
  • Lesley McCombe 100.00
  • Annonymous 100.00
  • susan LeBlanc 100.00
  • Kara Bashutski 75.00
  • Tracey Pniowsky 50.00
  • Annonymous 30.00
  • Gloria VEale 30.00
  • Ryanq Zacharias 25.00