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What does the Winnipeg Humane Society means to you? We want to know!

Dear WHS friends and supporters,

As part of our 125th Anniversary activities, we want to learn more about your relationship with the WHS, and what the WHS means to you. We will gather this information through an easy online survey we’re asking you to fill out. Your participation in this survey will help us shape the way we present our shelter and tell our story to the community.

We are asking for your help because in today’s world, decisions about where to direct donations, where to volunteer and what type of organization people want to work for are all closely linked to how each of us feels about an organization.

Some of the questions we need your help with are linked to our values and standing in the community, such as:

  • What is your gut feeling about the WHS today?
  • What is your relationship with our shelter?
  • What promises you want us to make as an animal welfare charity?
  • How should we advocate on behalf of all animals?
  • What core values will direct us to success?
  • What stories should we be telling the community to keep earning their trust?

Only YOU can help us define how to communicate these values and how to stay true to our mission, vision and mandate.  We want to continue to earn the trust of our donors, keep amazing volunteers and be able to recruit talented, committed people willing to work in our shelter.

The WHS was founded by a group of citizens lead by Jean Forsyth in 1894 who were concerned with the social welfare of the city, and they named their start-up organization the “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Women, Children and Animals”. Sally Warnock came on board in 1919 after the organization’s focus changed to animals, and our first animal shelter was opened on Logan Avenue in 1935. From there we moved to Kent Street and now we are proud to have built, with your support, one of the most modern animal shelters in Canada, located at 45 Hurst Way.

We have an amazing story to tell the world and supporters like you who make it all possible. Your participation will help us ensure the legacy of Jean, Sally and all those who built what is today your, Winnipeg Humane Society, is explained and told in the best possible way.

The link to the survey (which will take less than 15 minutes to complete) can be found here:

In service,
Javier Schwersensky