Cats with FIV finding homes at WHS | Winnipeg Humane Society
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Big Benny is one of the first FIV positive cats who will make his way to the adoption floor at the WHS.

The WHS has updated its policies and is now adopting cats with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). These cats will be available to adopt for a minimum $5 donation.

FIV is a slow-acting virus that weakens a cat’s immune system. However, with the proper lifestyle and medical treatment, these cats can live comfortable lives. FIV is a cat-only virus that does not spread to humans or other animals. It is most commonly spread through deep bite wounds from an infected cat and from an infected mother to her kittens.

Cats with FIV should live indoors and avoid contact with cats that do not have the virus. FIV cats may require extra vet care in the future and should go for frequent check-ups (twice a year).

In the past, we have transferred FIV cats to D’Arcy’s Arc and we thank them for their help over the years. We’re excited to be giving these felines the opportunity they deserve to lives of quality.

Visit us at 45 Hurst Way today, or call the adoption department at 204-982-2035 for more information.