Protecting pets from hot vehicles

Each year the Winnipeg Humane Society receives hundreds of calls about animals locked in vehicles. These unattended pets are at risk of heat stroke, brain damage and even death. When you support WHS Paws in Motion, presented by Fairmont Winnipeg, you’re supporting the WHS Emergency Response Team who is tasked with protecting these animals from danger. Payworks, the official Emergency Response sponsor of Paws in Motion, supports their hard work. There’s no safe temperature to leave a pet inside a vehicle, even if its parked in the shade and the windows are partially down. This is because our pets do … Continued

Will you Pledge to Protect during Animal Cruelty Awareness Month?

Pledge to Protect The WHS Animal Rescue Team responded to 1542 cruelty/welfare concerns and 952 emergency calls in 2016. April is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month. 365 days a year, the Winnipeg Humane Society is on the ground, rescuing and treating sick, injured and abused animals. It can take weeks to rescue animals from unsafe or unsanitary conditions. In the case we’re showing you today, the WHS Animal Protection Team was tasked with rescuing over 50 cats from an unsafe and unsanitary home. It took just under two weeks to safely remove all the cats from the home. This is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month, will … Continued

No matter their size, every animal matters

Max was found outside in the freezing cold with frostbite on one of his tiny toes and on his tail. Thankfully his finder noticed him outside in their yard, caught him, and brought him to the Winnipeg Humane Society. Max needed surgery to remove his frozen toe and the tip of his tail so he could live pain free. Our clinic staff noticed he was very socialized, which means he was likely someone’s pet before getting lost. After his surgery, Max spent time in recovery at the WHS until he could go into adoptions. Once in adoptions, he quickly found … Continued

You saved Bailey from her reality

“Hi, my name is Bailey. Today I want to share my story. When you look at the photos you can see I was in terrible pain, but the Winnipeg Humane Society changed that. Life with my family started well. I wore this thing around my neck that jingles when I walk around. I like the jingling because it tells mom and dad I’m nearby. And, as I grow, my neck starts to hurt. Suddenly the thing around my neck (I think it’s called a collar) started cutting into me. My neck was in lots of pain. I try to tell … Continued

Safety a priority between dogs and toddlers in WHS workshop

While a dog and toddler create opportunity for plenty of photos, precautions must be taken to keep both safe. The Winnipeg Humane Society is offering a workshop to teach parents how their dog and child can live in harmony and avoid injury. The Dogs & Toddlers program teaches parents how to help both canine and child adjust to rapid changes in the household. Dogs adjust to a child that is becoming more interactive and mobile, while the toddler learns how to respect the pet’s boundaries. “Dogs communicate with us all the time through body language. It is important that parents learn what … Continued

10 Ways to be Kind to your Pets

Animals are kind to us. They’re selfless and loving companions, a source of camaraderie, and fill our lives with joy. It’s our duty and privilege to give them the respect, care, and kindness they deserve. That’s why we celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week from May 1-7. While it’s important to be kind to animals year-round, the Be Kind to Animals Week campaign is a long-standing tradition that reminds us of all the ways we can be kind to our furry compadres. Being kind doesn’t necessarily mean committing to adopting an animal. There are many ways you can indirectly benefit … Continued

Lost and then found: Cooper’s story

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that your forever friend is missing. The animal you vowed to care and love for has disappeared. You feel helpless, you feel like you failed them, you have a sinking feeling in your stomach that you can’t ignore. It’s a traumatic feeling for you and your family, but unfortunately it does happen. Cooper got away from his family and was lost for over 24 hours before being reunited. Cooper was posted on Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert and he along with the group searched for Cooper high and low. Eventually he was sighted on … Continued

Winnipeg Humane Society accepting donations for Book and Movie Sale

The Winnipeg Humane Society is looking for donations of gently used books and DVDs of all genres.  Donations may be dropped off at the front reception desk inside The WHS’s shelter (45 Hurst Way).  The deadline for accepting donations is Wednesday, February 10, 2016. The WHS is looking for: Novels, non-fiction, and general books in good condition DVDs and Blu-rays Video games (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii) The WHS cannot accept: VHS movies Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, textbooks Time Life series Magazines Manuals or newspapers Reader’s Digest Board games/puzzles Library books Equipment  – VCR’s, DVD/CD players, TV’s, computers or gaming systems CD’s, cassette tapes, books … Continued

Success comes at at cost for The WHS

The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) has experienced a dramatic increase in animal intake during the early stages of its new strategic plan and it has impacted the finances of the organization. “We’ve done great work, but it comes at a cost,” The WHS CEO Javier Schwersensky said. “More incoming animals require additional funds to care for them. And to make matters more challenging, we were faced with unbudgeted building maintenance costs which hit our budget very hard.” The WHS’s balanced budget forecast was dashed by an unexpected water bill of $32,000, due to a hidden broken pipe. Part of the … Continued

WHS Honours Outstanding Sponsors and Volunteers at AGM

Winnipeg Humane Society Honours Outstanding Sponsors and Volunteers at AGM WINNIPEG, MAY 7 – The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) recognised the exceptional work of volunteers, sponsors and partners at its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 6. Corporate supporter Scotiabank, QX104’s Brody Jackson and Samantha Stevens, and volunteers Ashley Dick and Chris Flint were acknowledged for their outstanding contributions. “The Winnipeg Humane Society relies on the outstanding support from our community to help the thousands of animals we see per year,” said Aileen White, WHS Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “It’s important to recognise those that help us do … Continued