Veterinarians too: Winnipeg Humane Society launches Welcome Home Program

Pets need a veterinarian in the same way a human needs a doctor or dentist. A new Winnipeg Humane Society program aims to connect you – new adopters – with a local veterinarian. The Welcome Home Program sets up your pet with a veterinarian, a crucial point of contact in your pet’s growth and development. Each year the WHS adopts over 4,000 pets to people across Manitoba and many of these individuals do not have a pre-existing relationship with a veterinarian. The Welcome Home Program introduces new adopters with participating veterinary clinics and provides them with a free consultation appointment within the … Continued

We Are Here For the Animals. We Are Here For You.

The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) is collaborating with local animal welfare organizations to support Winnipeg’s cats, cat owners and address cat overpopulation. The WHS received over $201,000 in grant funding from the City of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Foundation for the one-year trial project “We Are Here for the Animals. We Are Here for You.” The revolutionary program is a new approach to make essential spay and neuter services more available to the community. The program offers additional resources to cat owners through a satellite outreach centre and will train volunteers to manage feral cat colonies in non-residential areas. A … Continued

Cats with FIV finding homes at WHS

The WHS has updated its policies and is now adopting cats with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). These cats will be available to adopt for a minimum $5 donation. FIV is a slow-acting virus that weakens a cat’s immune system. However, with the proper lifestyle and medical treatment, these cats can live comfortable lives. FIV is a cat-only virus that does not spread to humans or other animals. It is most commonly spread through deep bite wounds from an infected cat and from an infected mother to her kittens. Cats with FIV should live indoors and avoid contact with cats that … Continued

Saying “Thank You” is not enough: Here’s how you helped the WHS this year

“Extremely gentle, medium size dog. Intact male. Stabbed a few weeks ago. Viciously attacked yesterday by a giant breed dog. Limping badly and there is concern he will become a target again with his injury.” Can you help? “I just got an eviction notice and I cannot pay for the special food my diabetic cat needs.” Can you help? “We just got a dog that is heartworm positive but our rescue cannot afford the treatment.” Can you help? These are real messages from real people that my office receives daily from all over our province. They come in the morning, in the evening, … Continued

Spay and neuter clinics set up in northern Manitoba

The Winnipeg Humane Society Clinic are going to Norway House and Cross Lake from November 6-10 for spay and neuter clinics. The northern Manitoba clinics are possible because of a joint-effort with the WHS, Norway House Animal Rescue, the community of Norway House, Norway House Cree Nation, Cross Lake, and Pimicikamak Cree Nation. The northern clinic will help improve animal health in an area impacted by animal overpopulation and with few veterinary services. The clinic team will operate the Norway House clinic on Nov. 7 – 8 and Cross Lake clinic on Nov. 9-10. “Families with pets in northern Manitoba communities want to … Continued

Manage your dog’s anxiety during storms

A thunderstorm can mean many things to people. For some, it’s a ruined day that could have been spent outside, while others find the flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder to be mystifying and calming. But for dogs, thunder and lightning can have an opposite effect. When the clouds roll through the skies and thunder echoes in the streets, our dogs can become frightened. To a dog, this ‘unnatural’ phenomenon can make it feel like the world is crashing down. Thunderstorms can create anxiety in a dog and you may find them in hiding, trembling and – in severe … Continued

Safety a priority between dogs and toddlers in WHS workshop

While a dog and toddler create opportunity for plenty of photos, precautions must be taken to keep both safe. The Winnipeg Humane Society is offering a workshop to teach parents how their dog and child can live in harmony and avoid injury. The Dogs & Toddlers program teaches parents how to help both canine and child adjust to rapid changes in the household. Dogs adjust to a child that is becoming more interactive and mobile, while the toddler learns how to respect the pet’s boundaries. “Dogs communicate with us all the time through body language. It is important that parents learn what … Continued

Summer’s story: How behaviour training gave her new opportunity

Nothing makes me happier than a success story; especially one that involves an animal from The Winnipeg Humane Society. Such is the case for Summer. She and Catherine, one of The WHS’s talented behaviour trainers, stopped by for a visit last week to demonstrate what Summer has been up to since arriving under our care. Summer had a big goofy grin on her face, and it was for good reason. After all, she had come a long way – literally and figuratively. The one-year-and-four-month-old Labrador Retriever was seeking a forever home from an out-of-province humane society, but there was an … Continued

The Three Stages of Handling Deafness in Dogs: Suspicion, Confirmation, and Adjustment

  Dogs can go deaf for a variety of different reasons. Like humans, dogs can suffer from congenital deafness, being born deaf, or they can go deaf at some point in their lives. Dogs that are prone to frequent ear infections are at higher risk of deafness. An injury to the ear could leave a dog more likely to become deaf, or they could go deaf from old age. White dogs are more likely to be born deaf than dogs of other colours. But no matter the cause of deafness, deaf dogs are completely capable of leading full and happy … Continued

The do’s and don’ts of giving a pet this holiday season

During the holiday season, we want to give our loved ones the best presents we can. We want to surprise them, and bring them delight with the gift we’ve picked out just for them. So when you see an adorable puppy, kitten, or bunny before Christmas, it might cross your mind that this animal could make a great present for someone in your life. What could be more thoughtful than giving someone a new best friend who will love them unconditionally? It’s a nice thought, but in reality, giving an animal as a gift is sometimes not the best idea. … Continued