Adopt a Cat for Free on June 29 + 30

The Winnipeg Humane Society is waiving adoption fees at the shelter on June 29 and 30. The Love is Free adoption promotion runs from 2 – 7 p.m. on June 29 and 10 am – 6 pm on June 30. The WHS has reached capacity for feline friends at the shelter, but there are still more in need of help. By adopting a cat for free this weekend you are saving the lives of two cats – the one adopted and the one you make room for at the shelter. This offer applies to all cats over the age of … Continued

Veterinarians too: Winnipeg Humane Society launches Welcome Home Program

Pets need a veterinarian in the same way a human needs a doctor or dentist. A new Winnipeg Humane Society program aims to connect you – new adopters – with a local veterinarian. The Welcome Home Program sets up your pet with a veterinarian, a crucial point of contact in your pet’s growth and development. Each year the WHS adopts over 4,000 pets to people across Manitoba and many of these individuals do not have a pre-existing relationship with a veterinarian. The Welcome Home Program introduces new adopters with participating veterinary clinics and provides them with a free consultation appointment within the … Continued

Winnipeg Humane Society waiving adoption fees for cats with colds

In an immediate effort to create more space at the WHS, adoption fees for URI (cats six months and older) are waived from June 1-4. The shelter is over capacity and unless more cats are adopted there is great risk of euthanizing for space. “Our community has asked us to do everything we can to improve the live outcomes for cats. We have implemented new strategies that are making a significant difference, but now urgently need people to adopt these cats immediately,” says WHS CEO Javier Schwersensky. The felines available for adoption either had or were exposed to Upper Respiratory … Continued

WHS kicks off Valentine’s day with dog promotion

The Winnipeg Humane Society wants to set you up with a date this Valentine’s Day. There are many animals available for adoption who are in need of good homes. From February 1-15 all large and medium breed dogs (six months and older) are available to adopt for a fee of $99. Fees include a health exam, first vaccines, ear tattoo, spay/neuter surgery, City of Winnipeg License and more. Dogs at the WHS aren’t the only animals looking for love. Adult cats living in Kitty Kat Way A, B and C are free to adopt. While the fee is free, any monetary donation helps … Continued

Cats with FIV finding homes at WHS

The WHS has updated its policies and is now adopting cats with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). These cats will be available to adopt for a minimum $5 donation. FIV is a slow-acting virus that weakens a cat’s immune system. However, with the proper lifestyle and medical treatment, these cats can live comfortable lives. FIV is a cat-only virus that does not spread to humans or other animals. It is most commonly spread through deep bite wounds from an infected cat and from an infected mother to her kittens. Cats with FIV should live indoors and avoid contact with cats that … Continued

Cat Purr-Motion

The Winnipeg Humane Society wants to reward you at the WHS Gift Shop from now until December 18th! Follow these easy steps: Step 1: Adopt a cat from the Winnipeg Humane Society; Step 2: Leave an additional donation; Step 3: Save big at the WHS Gift Shop! (details in poster below) Cat adoption fees, until December 18th, 2016: Adult cats (6 months+): $20 Adult cats in Kitty Kat Way A, B or C: Monetary donation of your choice (minimum $5) Kittens: $100 Visit us at 45 Hurst Way today!  

Winnipeg Humane Society joins pledge to save 1 million cats

The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) and shelters across North America aim to save the lives of one million cats by 2019 with the Million Cat Challenge. Reduced adoption fees, changes to intake procedures and adjustments to shelter operations will help the WHS increase cat adoptions and manage the number of incoming cats. “Our animal welfare community wants to save more cats and as a grassroots organization it is our duty to meet those expectations,” says WHS CEO Javier Schwersensky. “We must work together and use proactive approaches in order to give every cat a fair chance.” In July the WHS … Continued

WHS Full: Homes needed for hundreds of pets

A spike in incoming cats to the Winnipeg Humane Society has put the organization at capacity. Homes must be found immediately. Effective immediately and throughout July cats can be adopted for free  to $20; $100 for kittens and $179 for two kittens. “If you have ever considered adopting a cat, now is the time,” says WHS CEO Javier Schwersensky. “Our shelter is at capacity and we must find them homes as soon as possible, or else we face the sad reality of euthanizing them. We count on our community to help us save as many cats as possible.” As well, … Continued

10 Ways to be Kind to your Pets

Animals are kind to us. They’re selfless and loving companions, a source of camaraderie, and fill our lives with joy. It’s our duty and privilege to give them the respect, care, and kindness they deserve. That’s why we celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week from May 1-7. While it’s important to be kind to animals year-round, the Be Kind to Animals Week campaign is a long-standing tradition that reminds us of all the ways we can be kind to our furry compadres. Being kind doesn’t necessarily mean committing to adopting an animal. There are many ways you can indirectly benefit … Continued