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Animal ID: 411680

Age: 4 years and 3 months

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Shelter Location: Adoption - Cat Kitty Kat Way C

About Bijou: Bijou coming through! This sweet girl originally came to the WHS as an owner surrender at the beginning of March. She spent some time in foster to heal from an eye injury (which is all better now!) and they described her as an out-going, playful, chatty, snuggler who likes looking out the window, sun-bathing, chasing her toy mice and watching T.V. with her humans. Unfortunately, Bijou has been adopted and returned twice. The first time was because she wasn't getting along with the other cat in the home. As such Bijou is likely best suited to a home as the only cat or with an experienced cat owner. The second time was a result of the family looking for a super cuddly cat and while Bijou does enjoy a snuggle, she's also very playful and will need a family who's ready to wave around a wand toy or flick a toy mouse around as well. Just like us, sometimes she's looking for attention and sometimes she just wants to be on her own. I'd go with her flow, she's a really gem!

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