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Please note, the WHS is no longer trying to guess the breed mix of dogs available for adoption. Click here to learn more. 


Animal ID: 406085

Age: 9 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Mixed Breed Medium

Shelter Location: Adoption - Dog Room 02

About Toby: Mr. Toby is here and he's ready for business! Toby was first at the WHS as a puppy but was surrendered in early July as he'd eaten a dog toy and needed surgery to have it removed. You can take the toy out of the dog, but you can't take the dog out of the toy! In other words, he's still as playful as ever and will need tough toys and a home that will keep things out of reach so they aren't mistaken as toys. He's got a lovely, friendly, curious demeanour, and if you've got a treat in your hand he won't take his eyes off of you! Being so food motivated really helps with training and he knows sit, shake, down, and according to his previous owners - already house trained! He loves hanging out with playful but polite dogs and would love a visit with anyone he'd be expected to live with to ensure compatibility. Overall, this guy is a shining star who just needs to polish up on his manners!

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