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The Warehouse Cat program (also known as the Barn Buddies program) gives cats who are considered unadoptable due to behavioural issues the opportunity to live in a warehouse or shop.

Before adoption, The WHS will spay or neuter, health check and vaccinate all Warehouse Cats felines. The cats will also be given a tattoo and be deemed non-aggressive. If a medical issue develops after you take the possession of the cat, you as the owner are responsible for medical care.

Eligible cats

  • May have severe litter box/house soiling issues
  • Have a behavioural issue that prevents the cat from living indoors with a family
  • Must be social to a degree and easy to catch
  • Must be spayed/neutered (The WHS will perform the surgery)
  • De-clawed cats are not eligible for Warehouse Cats

PLEASE NOTE: The Winnipeg Humane Society selects eligible cats from the cats already in our care. If you have a cat that you want to surrender to The WHS simply because you believe it is a candidate for the Warehouse Cats program, there is no guarantee the cat will be enrolled.

Eligible warehouses or shops

  • Adopters must be able to pick up their new Warehouse Cat within 24 hours of being contacted
  • Cats must have shelter available in a barn, building or stable
  • Daily food and water must be provided
  • Owner must agree to long-term veterinary care, if needed and as required
  • The farm or shop must have a secure place to keep the cats indoors during their first 2-3 weeks “on the job” while they acclimate to their new surroundings (click here for an example)

A $40 donation is suggested to defray the costs of the program.

Register for Warehouse Cats program

Call 204-988-8815, email us, or fill out and submit the Warehouse Cats Application Form.


Warehouse Cats Information Sheet