A Holiday Gift Guide from the WHS Pet Shop | Winnipeg Humane Society
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The holiday season is in full swing and can often be a hectic time for people and their pets. At the WHS Pet Shop, we have several products available to help keep your companion animals happy and healthy during the holidays.

Entertainment and Enrichment
Bored animals are easily tempted to get into things they shouldn’t, and there are lots of alluring decorations and human treats which might interest them during this time of year.
Providing your pets with treat dispensing toys designed to engage their brains will not only ensure they have tempting treats appropriate for their digestive tracts but will also satisfy their natural urges to scavenge and hunt.

The WHS Pet Shop has several puzzle and treat dispensing toys which range from $8.99 to $29.99.

Selecting Special Treats
While there are lots of leftovers after holiday gatherings, it is important to remember that sweet and rich, fatty foods can actually harm our pets and lead to expensive vet bills. If you want to find a special treat for your animals, it’s best to select ones specifically made for them.

At the WHS Pet Shop we have treats for both cats and dogs, such as Inaba Churu creamy cat purees (which dogs love too!). We also have treats designed to fill the puzzle and treat dispensing toys mentioned above.

Stocking Stuffers
Of course, sometimes you just want to spoil your pets with cute items and include them in the holiday fun. When shopping, remember to consider your pets specific needs. For example, if they are a heavy-duty chewer, look for durable toys designed for them. It’s also important to select toys that are the correct size for your pet as toys designed for smaller animals can be choking hazards for larger pets.

Not only do we have cute stockings available for purchase at the WHS Pet Shop ($9.99 to $22.99), we also have staff who can help you pick the appropriate toys and treats for your canine and kitty companions.

Stop by the WHS at 45 Hurst Way and visit our Pet Shop. We are open for regular business hours until 4pm on December 24. Please note the shelter is closed on December 25, 26 and January 1.