1001 Donations: You helped save Hendrix’s life… | Winnipeg Humane Society
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When Hendrix arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society, he looked like a normal kitten with a bit of frostbite on his ears and some matted fur on his leg, but it turned out he had a much bigger problem that required urgent medical attention to save his life.

Hendrix had a crust of matted fur and infected skin on his back-right leg. The veterinarian doing his initial examination was horrified to discover that all of the skin on Hendrix’s leg was completely gone. His knee, thigh, and muscles were all exposed.

The wound extended very high up his tiny body. Unfortunately, with no skin left, there was no way Hendrix’s right leg could be saved.

Because Hendrix’s wound extended so far up, it made it difficult to close, so WHS Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Youngs, had to get creative. She salvaged some skin from further down his right leg and used it as a flap to close the wound. Hendrix also had another wound on his left leg that needed to be closed.

After his big surgery, Hendrix spent two weeks recovering in a foster home receiving pain medication, food, and lots of love and care. We don’t know what exactly caused Hendrix’s severe injury, but we do know he got a second chance at a new happy life thanks to the support of our donors.

Please make your donation today. All donations are being matched dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000 until March 28th by five generous donors. That means $60,000 will be matched to $120,000 to help more animals like Hendrix this year.

The reality is that the WHS couldn’t help animals like Hendrix every day without you. Thank you so much for helping us help animals like Hendrix get the care they need and deserve.

Stay tuned as we share more stories so you can see how your donations directly impact so many animals’ lives every day here at the WHS.