1001 Donations: You helped Krum beat Parvovirus | Winnipeg Humane Society
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At only four-months-old, Krum was very sick when he arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society. He was so weak he couldn’t lift his head. He was vomiting, had diarrhea, and was dehydrated. Krum tested positive for Canine Parvovirus (Parvo).

In a shelter environment, Parvo is extremely dangerous because it’s very contagious to puppies and dogs, and it has a 90% mortality rate of untreated cases.

In order to treat Krum, he was quarantined in his own isolation room and given IV fluids and medication to recover. He was also given antibiotics to prevent him from getting any secondary infections caused by his depleted immune system. WHS Staff had to be very careful not to expose him to other dogs or puppies in the shelter to prevent the spread of this very contagious disease.

Some dogs recover from Parvo in a couple days, others take over a month, and some sadly don’t make it. It costs four times more to care for a Parvo positive dog than other dogs in the shelter ($130 per day vs $30 per day), but the chance is worth taking if it can save a life.

Treatment for Parvo is expensive because it is very labour intensive. It requires hospitalization, fluids, antibiotics, and monitoring by Clinic staff. Staff must wear hazmat suits with booties and gloves every time they enter a Parvo puppy’s room, which are disposed of after each visit.

Krum started eating again and was more energetic five days into his treatment. At day seven he tested negative for the virus and didn’t need to be hospitalized anymore. He was given a bath, was neutered, and able to go into Adoptions with his whole life ahead of him.

Your donations make life-saving treatments like this possible at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Please make your donation today and help save animals like Krum. All donations are being matched dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000 until March 28th by five generous donors. That means $60,000 will be matched to $120,000 with your help.

There are only two weeks left to have your donation matched. The WHS couldn’t save the lives of animals like Krum every day without you. Thank you so much for helping us make sure every animal gets the care they need and deserve when they need it most.

Stay tuned as we share more stories so you can see how your donations directly impact so many animals’ lives every day here at the WHS.