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At only two-years-old, Trixie undoubtedly had a rough start to life before arriving at the Winnipeg Humane Society. Her list of injuries needing medical attention was extensive. 

Trixie had a large cat bite abscess on the left side of her face that was infected and full of pus. Her upper right canine was broken, which needed to be extracted to prevent infection. She also had frostbite on her ears, paws, and what was left of her tail…

Trixie was missing half of her tail, which looked to have been traumatically pulled off. We think it was likely so cold one night that she tried to stay warm by taking shelter near an engine, which caused her injury when it started. She needed surgery to have the rest of her tail amputated and was spayed at that time too.

Surprisingly, all these injuries were the least of Trixie’s worries in her recovery.

The worst injury Trixie suffered was to her hind legs, which were likely injured at the same time as her tail. The skin on both was missing, leaving the tendons, muscles, and bones exposed and infected. Her left leg was so bad that if enough skin didn’t grow back for WHS Veterinarian Dr. Johnston to close the wound, Trixie would need to have her leg amputated.

Trixie was hospitalized at the WHS for almost a month to heal and was monitored daily by WHS Clinic Staff. Her legs were bandaged making it hard for her walk, so she spent most of her time lying in her kennel receiving head rubs from volunteers and staff. She needed bandage changes and hydrotherapy daily, along with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain medication, and food.

On Feb. 27th, Dr. Johnston was pleased that both of Trixie’s leg wounds healed enough for her to close them. Unfortunately, Trixie’s pelvis was also previously broken, which damaged her hip and prevented normal movement of her leg, so her final specialized surgery was done by WHS Veterinarian Dr. Youngs to fix her hip so she could use her leg normally again.

This week will be four weeks that Trixie has been living with a WHS foster family to recover comfortably in a home with all the food and medication she needs. Dr. Johnston says her recovery is going very well and that Trixie is a miracle. She is walking, is happier, and loves cuddling. Once she is fully healed, she will start her next journey: finding her forever home.

Trixie’s medical care alone cost over $3,000. She is only ONE example of 7,000 animals the WHS cares for each year.

Please make your donation today and help raise $60,000 for animals just like Trixie. There are only four days left to have your donation matched.

All donations are being matched dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000 as part of 1001 Donations until March 28th by five generous donors. That means $60,000 will be matched to $120,000 and would make a huge impact for so many animals in need.

The reality is that the WHS couldn’t help animals like Trixie every day without you. Thank you so much for helping us help animals like Trixie get the care they need and deserve.

Stay tuned this week as we share more stories so you can see how your donations directly impact so many animals’ lives every day here at the WHS.