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Check back often for new courses and offerings. Please note that all classes are compliant with the Province of Manitoba’s COVID-19 public health orders and restrictions including cleaning protocols, mask wearing, social distancing and reduced class sizes.

The Winnipeg Humane Society Behaviour Department provides support for the Community through:

  • The Behaviour Help Line which is available to answer questions and provide advice about a pet’s concerning behaviour. We handle hundreds of calls annually to assist pet owners to keep their pets in the home rather than surrender to the shelter.
  • We offer several obedience training classes a week to provide puppy socialization, basic manners training, and remedial behaviour training for pet dogs.
    • Note: Private Training Consults are available for those people and dogs that are not able to attend our classes.
  • We are available to help post adoption as well as to provide assistance for pet owners that have acquired pets from sources other than the Winnipeg Humane Society. All have access to our help line, classes and private training.

Our Behaviour Department at the Winnipeg Humane Society evaluates animals for adoptability for the Winnipeg Humane Society’s Adoption program. We are responsible to assure the animals in our care become and remain behaviourally healthy through implementation of enrichment activities, use of behaviour modification, and positive, reward-based training methods. The Behaviour Team relies on support from the Foster, Adoptions, Clinic, and Volunteer Departments to assist with providing the best welfare for the animals in our care.

Not all animals that enter our shelter are suited for our Adoptions program. They could require special support from our staff and volunteers.

The Behaviour staff assess animals entering the shelter and identify behaviour challenges that are a barrier to Adoption/live outcome. As appropriate, these animals are provided a remedial plan to improve their adoptability.

  • Scaredy Cat Academy Fosters provide socialization for semi-feral cats and kittens to prepare them for either our Adoptions program or our Working Cat program.
  • Canine Enrichment Volunteers, Canine Behaviour Assistants, and Quiet Time Volunteers support our dogs, Feline Enrichment Volunteers, Feline Behaviour Assistants, and Four on the Floor Volunteers provide support for our cats.
  • The Adoptions Staff continue the support that is initiated pre-adoption, once the cats and dogs are available for adoption.
  • Our Clinic utilizes low stress handling techniques during treatment.
  • We work with animal rescues and shelters across Canada to exchange resources and expertise – as well as animals. One shelter or rescue might have better capacity to care for specific needs of an animal that the source shelter does not.

The Behaviour staff also assists staff in other departments daily. We assist with restraint for clinic procedures, move fractious animals between shelter locations, assist adoptions with dog introductions and counseling potential adopters about behaviour questions, assist with vaccinating and medicating shelter animals, provide training for shelter staff and volunteers.

Behaviour Department Help: 204.988.8808 or